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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Michael Savage Interviews Allen West on January 30, 2012

Glad to see that Michael keeps gaining and gaining "mainstream" looks and interviews because I am sorry the man has lived the life and has more than enough historical perspective and simple life's work to be a beacon folks!!!

Just for my homeboy Josh!! My latest laptop pics

Ok friend this is apparently the only way on earth I can get these links to you so here goes.

This last one look over to the right. It is the 2nd Gen 17R showing that was $1400 and is now on sale for $800 or $900 bucks

Monday, January 30, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ben Breedlove & His Story via Youtube --This is my story (Part 1) - YouTube

I am not even joking this is the type of thing that can affect generations and be remembered for centuries. My whole night has been wrecked in a good way watching the entire video. Thanks to my hero Glenn Beck & GBTV for talking about it and more importantly mentioning how the MSM is actually covering it but editing it in such a manner there is no GOD theme.....
I am done being on the fence or having good days and bad days on the religion subject. It is time to frankly admit my various issues growing up and in thought along the way are just that and there is nothing to change them and I a but a simple man and that will not change....
IT ALSO doesn't serve to invalidate GOD and entire religions because some things happened in my life that left a bad religious taste in my mouth etc.....
OK, I am all in! AND AGAIN this kid was obviously amazing. period.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tim Thomas Star of the Stanley Cup winning Boston Bruins to Washington DC

this will be around long after I am so I am not even sending yet another link to damn facebook........see it below.
My god this guy is obviously a new found hero of limited government and conservatism right?
He had to know this was going to invite a clusterfluck and yet was so damn pissed over it all he still couldn't bring himself to visit Washington DC......
Somebody clone that man and send them all to the former Swamp that is now a Political Swamp and we could fix this in 6 years max!!!

Thomas wrote: “I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties and Property of the People . . . Because I believe this, I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party.”

Sunday, January 22, 2012

(I am beyond DONE with this Wanna BE Barbara Walters) Mormonism’s modern-day problem

OK I am trying to be just as my wonderful mother raised me to be so just let me say that the fact this chick gets paid to write this is blasphemy & to make matters worse she is VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY well known in the country is downright common-sense-treasonous

Thursday, January 19, 2012

(NICE huh?) Fox News Hires Soros-funded Activist

I have been thinking long and hard on all levels about Fox for months now and trying to ensure my feelings and thoughts were not coming from Glenn Beck not being there any longer and I conclude they are not BECAUSE I was sick and tired of Fox News quite a bit before Glenn left and he is about all I watched anyway......THEY ARE THE OTHER VERSION OF BIG GOVT, BIG BUSINESS, ONLY SLIGHTLY LESS PROGRESSIVE.......

Limbaugh and Beckel Duke It Out On 'The Five' - Rush Limbaugh - Fox Nation

The never-ending & annoying Beckel does not want any of Rush...period.
Bob isn't exactly unsuccessful and poor but there is a reason Rush changed politics, radio, and frankly the Conservative discussion I would argue over the next century probably more than Ronald Reagan did (or more like folks on his behalf did anyway)

Chris Christie Zaps MSNBC’s Botched Chart: It’s ‘Democratic Math!’ | Conservative Byte

That is damn priceless right there.
Well worth 2 minutes of anyone's time to laugh at the gotcha morons at MSNBC that can't even manage to get polling data correct to do a gotcha with.....

Game Changer: Romney Did Not Win Iowa | Conservative Byte

Wouldn't you hate for a PrezBO reelection to come down to this and we just have to do.........what????????????

'Anonymous' Hackers Claim To Take Down Justice Department Website In Retaliation For Megaupload Shutdown | Fox News

Get used to this folks.....I imagine it is only gonna get worse and worse...

Allen West calls out Harry Reid: It’s been 1000 days, pass a budget already! | The Right Scoop

Well of course he does. MY GOD people I have filed 2 bankruptcies and I can make fun of this Congress....

Boehner: Piracy bill lacks consensus - The Hill's Hillicon Valley

This SOPA & PIPA garbage may....just may finally get beaten back but as we know.......they will never stop trying so much like the tomb of the unknown soldier and for that matter man's freedom.......100% vigilance over all things American must never end or we will end.

Mitt Romney accused of blatant tithing (PHOTO!) |

When I was like 8 and went to a crazy nut house old time Baptist Church I was a lil fearful of Mormons......I got a life long before even the internet could tell you everything you need to know about the religion.....I am still amused that there are seemingly more people worried about Mormonism than there has ever been shown about clear leanings into Socialism & Marxism......?

Sarah Palin | Dumb Arses | Newt Gingrich | The Daily Caller

Thanks to my wonderful mom I was in the car and actually got to hear this!!

Good stuff...well said!!

Glenn to pro-Gingrich caller: “Throw my books away” – Glenn Beck

No one is always if Glenn was off base IMO I would happily acknowledge the reality but this caller sounded more like one of Rush's infamous callers he likes to talk about all the is one thing but if you are a Glenn fan and own all the books and understand what he has been about since probably pre 9/11 this was one huge waste of time and I even saw it coming truthfully....I was just surprised he didn't add at the end a "AND please feel free to not buy any of my future releases because you obviously will never get those either..."

CNN Ted Nugent VS Rosanne 2011 - YouTube

I love ol Cat Scratch doesn't get better.............
Ted Nugent vs. Rosanne on CNN is priceless!!!!!!!!!!

(Thanks much Bill Simmons & ESPN Page 2) One final toss for The Dooze

This is for our wonderful 12 year old great dane Durango (yes 12 years old and he came from an abusive background at the age of 5 near death)......
I won't waste time with how inspiring and amazing this dog was feel free to see the home page here and you can see many videos of the dogs and enjoy.
I can only say I am a better man, father, and husband literally (LITERALLY) with the help of this dog.

When Durango was sick the first time at the end of 09 going into 10 I read this article from one of my favorite writers on anything resembling sports and as usual he put things into another world of a perspective for me.......because he has a gift , hello!
Thanks again Mr. Simmons

Monday, January 16, 2012

(Good job Rush) Rush Limbaugh | Jon Huntsman | Joe Scarborough | MSNBC |

Oh Rush was feeling it today boys and girls!
Glad to see he still has lil' fire in the belly!!!!!!!!

(REAL info like this is critical to teach our young people) Small-Biz Killers: Who Pays for Jobless Benefits?

Read this, read this again, read this a 3rd time, and if need be get it tattooed on your damn body.
Things like this are so misunderstood in the country it is just 1 more thing that helps to ruin genuinely decent people's views on right, wrong, our country, etc......

OH & I can never say this too much.
God Bless Michelle Malkin!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Black Market Billions: How Organized Retail Crime Funds Global Terrorists (9780132180245): Hitha Prabhakar: Books

I hope to buy this book soon but regardless I have to mention this because this is obviously one of those things Glenn Beck himself has made famous for exposing.
Thanks yet again Glenn Beck and GBTV and the author. I had literally never made an even remote connection....

Tea Party Senator Rand Paul Returns Half Million to the Treasury - Big Government

VERY very nice. Senator Rand Paul......THE MUCH MORE GROUNDED OF THE PAUL'S lol!!!

The Obamas’ Twitter Shenanigans | SOOPERMEXICAN


This is by no means news whatsoever but to break the monotony it was a lil slice of fun :>)

Two years on, Haiti still reeling from quake -

This sad situation I am not even (as much as I want) going into all the BS involving this country over the years from Washington DC and the wasted $'s etc.

Hey GOP Candidates...Read Road to Serfdom or The 5000 Leap PLEASE

Very appropriately put TWEET I stumbled on tonight.
My frustration, especially with the GOP Candidates, is shared wholeheartedly!

Sadly things like this lend themselves to what Glenn [Beck] has shed light on in the past 2 years about progressives are IN FACT on the left and the right and THAT FACT sorta goes into Rush comments about the Washington establishment etc.....I don't think you need to be a genius to read between all these lines but hey......
IT IS MONEY AND POWER and they are all addicted to it! PERIOD!!!!
They are all about the P.........................BUT THE P ISN'T PEOPLE it is Power

Mercedes apologizes for using Che Guevara image

Maybe the only damn time there will be anything MSNBC linked on this patriotic blog.
Many many thx to one of the heads of Glenn Beck's fine company for the tweet that alerted me to this jewel!!

Pat Gray: Debbie Wasserman Schultz a “horrible heinous vile skank” – Glenn Beck

You hate to speak this way about any human let alone a female BUT OH MY GOD I don't know if Pat went far enough. I think of Michael Savage when I think of he likes to say on rare occasions I literally get physically ill at the sight (and worse sound) of her!

Nikki Haley Goes to Bat for Romney on Bain | The Weekly Standard

Keeping in mind NOBODY is perfect (including my wonderful wife and mom)....Nikki Haley is a pretty classy and impressive gov-a-nator!!!
Again I say good job South Carolina!!

Nikki Haley Goes to Bat for Romney on Bain | The Weekly Standard

Keeping in mind NOBODY is perfect (including my wonderful wife and mom)....Nikki Haley is a pretty classy and impressive gov-a-nator!!!
Again I say good job South Carolina!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It’s On… Sarah Palin Rips Michelle Obama’s Defense of Her Husband (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

I can't help it. I love Sarah Palin. She actually was a little low key on this one compared to where she could have gone in my opinion but it was fun, as usual, to watch.

Five Times Mitt Romney Ran Away From The Republican Party

This is (I hope) obviously relevant in the time we live with the 2012 election in full swing.
To add to this I am listening (as I type this) to an interview from via SE Cupp & Will Cain of Rick Santorum and he said something I have been searching for since Romney vs. McCain in 08.....Romney has a history that shows when things get popular he can be "slid" to the left (i.e. Global Warming, Universal Healthcare, etc) and that is exactly what has stuck in my craw about him and I couldn't put it into words but he nailed it.

Color of Change claims another scalp: MSNBC indefinitely suspends Pat Buchanan | The Daily Caller

These AZZ hats are just having a gay old time huh?
The last part of that (this nimrod group's supposed successes) should have mentioned alot more things to equal this out (and this came from the freakin' Daily Caller)...the fact that when they did bum rush Beck's advertisers and they ran away there were many more lined up and there was literally not a hiccup in that process.......AND BASED ON EVERYTHING IN VAN JONES OWN WORDS on the damn internet and most of it VIDEO oriented.........EVERYTHING BREITBART SAID ABOUT VAN JONES WAS 1000000% ACCURATE!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rush Limbaugh Defends Gateway Pundit From LA Times Attacks: “There Was No Racism in That Picture” | The Gateway Pundit

AMEN and wrong is wrong................ONLY damn racist themselves and bigots etc. would even think of something like this.
Right is right and wrong is wrong that those divides through race, color, creed, and 100 other things I can't even name

Sunday, January 8, 2012

CBS Postgame Show Tebows After Broncos Defeat Steelers | Video |

I was already apologizing for how much I liked this fine gentleman when he was still playing my beloved Tennessee Vols..............SO IT goes without saying how happy I am not to mention a new-found Denver Broncos fan......this was awesome and I look forward to talking to my family 20 or 30 years from now about it!!!!!!

Christian Leader in Israel Killed by Man in Santa Suit | Video |

In the back..........Good lord can't even kill a man in cold blood with some moronic version of a face to face situation.

Pathetic and as usual totally expected. They surely are Media Matters fans right?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hollywood’s True Face (The real and obvious reason moviegoers were down in 2011)

I think there are quite a few of us at this point in life and history that could armchair this gem pretty closely but as I just tweeted Mr. Shapiro here so nails it and pulls no punches I had to add it to the blog.
Great work sir.
Much appreciated.
Thanks and keep it up please.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Brunswick Boat Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Well hell for future Eastern TN historical reference...........I accidentally stumbled on this awesome business propagating outta Knoxvegas!!!!Brunswick Boat Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

'via Blog this'

The Four Companies That Control the 147 Companies That Own Everything - Forbes

A quick little math and banking lesson for us real world real people dummies (and alas perhaps a test for those of us that think we know it all)

Mom reunites with biological child 77 years later  |

Boy there are just some "boggle your mind" stories coming out today.....again I couldn't resist.

Swedish Woman Finds Wedding Ring 16 Years Lost Growing on Garden Carrot |

"Nutn" political here but I simply couldn't resist. Is this not simply amazing and ironic on a couple levels?

“60 Minutes” Grills Eric Cantor on Why He’s Republican in Sunday Night Hit Piece (Video) …Update: Washington Monthly Continues to Misrepresent Reagan | The Gateway Pundit

Yeah sadly I didn't turn the end of the football game in time and was therefore lured into watching this bunch of garbage...and Cantor is far from a favorite of mine FTR....

(I love Americans) Passers-By Rescue Children After Car Plunges Into Icy River | Fox News

This could be a made for tv movie alone.
Amazing people amazing ending!!