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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ben Franklin's Virtues - We all Need to practice at least a piece of this

I think you all know of this but hey a little reminder of our true importance in this universe never hurts....

Ben Franklin's Virtues
March 1999
Franklin placed each of the 13 virtues on a separate page in a little book which he carried with him for more than 50 years. Each day he evaluated his performance with regard to each of them. Every week he selected one of the virtues as a point of special focus, concentrating his attention on the selected trait for seven days.
Did Ben Franklin feel that this focus on his governing values was helpful? As he wrote in his autobiography, "I always carried my little book with me . . . and it may be well my posterity should be informed that to this little artifice, with the blessing of God, their ancestor owes the constant felicity of his life down to his seventy-ninth year, in which this is written."
These names of virtues, with their precepts, were:
1. TEMPERANCE: Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation.
2. SILENCE: Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.
3. ORDER: Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.
4. RESOLUTION: Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.
5. FRUGALITY: Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; i.e., waste nothing.
6. INDUSTRY: Lose no time; be always employ'd in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.
7. SINCERITY: Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly, and, if you speak, speak accordingly.
8. JUSTICE: Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.
9. MODERATION: Avoid extremes; forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.
10. CLEANLINESS: Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, clothes, or habitation.
11. TRANQUILLITY: Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.
12. CHASTITY: Rarely use venery but for health or offspring, never to dullness, weakness, or the injury of your own or another's peace or reputation.
13. HUMILITY: Imitate Jesus and Socrates.

I may have found the last legit thing a REAL bipartisan congress did!

AND low and freakin' behold I was 1 year old when it happened. Apparently the P-thugs (anthony speak- political thugs)were all sick that day or somebody spiked the damn Kool-Aid. I am only gonna briefly mention Mr. Beck's new fiction book the Overton Window but this was a good time to mention because if you don't you simply damn must read about that "theory"...simply put its not theory its fact and if you have ever had that county fair feeling while watching, especially, CNN or MSNBC etc then you are in lock-step progressing down THE path to enlightenment so QUESTION WITH BOLDNESS......

Here is something that could be printed off and "delivered" to Pelosi and her brood of utter Liberty Condemnation Fighters....its all about the delivery too! Never give them an excuse and never give them a martyr....its much like Rahm's friggin nightmare BUT OHHHH SO CORRECT, NEVER ever waste an emergency etc.

During the United States Bicentennial year, George Washington was posthumously appointed to the grade of General of the Armies of the United States by the congressional joint resolution Public Law 94-479 passed on January 19, 1976, with an effective appointment date of July 4, 1976.[10] This restored Washington's position as the highest-ranking military officer in U.S. history.

RESPECT - You can't buy it and George Soros can't hand it to you

Reading yet again through all the times and issues and reactions on this day of what was the mood and some of the guaranteed factual reactions....and let's be honest "how did they mourn basically?"
Throughout the world, men and women were saddened by Washington's death. Napoleon I ordered ten days of mourning throughout France; in the United States, thousands wore mourning clothes for months.[55] To protect their privacy, Martha Washington burned the correspondence between her husband and herself following his death. Only three letters between the couple have survived.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Did he really use the dam Americans on the moon analogy?

Really? When we have a problem that has kicked our azz for a variety of reasons but we don't use the Moon landing analogy to stay positive about getting the hole plugged......NO HE USES TO justfy WHY WE MUST GO THE WAY OF HIS HEALTHCARE ROBBBERY PLAN N PASS IT NOW N FIND OUT WHAT'S N IT LATER AS WELL AS JUST SAY HELL WE WILL FIGURE SOMETHING OUT.
HEY Progressive anti-christs, u one u all, first of all I think Larry David on the date rape drug could have written a more thought provocing & positive speech, and second I will lay down the gauntlet for us both. If the people go for this n they get llegit polling that says get her done, then I will cry mightily but sadly howcan those with the most do the very least to protect it &get anything other than what my papaw woud have called OUR COLLECTIVE COMEUPPANCE

6 votes per citizen

By god affirmative action has officially hit the voters now. Leave it to an activist judge!

Obamas speech tonight

Good thing he's not dam Pinnochio. My god by the end of that 18minutes he could have easily starred n the Devils Films next porn as the new & improved Mandingo....I can hear it on Seinfeld now. The Mandingo ate ur baby???????

You have to lift up their skirt to find out if their female or not!!

So says a FEMALE (you women are harsh) Democratic Rep from TN this past weekend. Her point she went on to offer was that you sure can't tell by the way they vote....about some other women candidates in Volunteer country. Kinda reminds me of how they think all black people must vote the exact same way as well wouldn't you agree?
Leave it to the ultimate party of double standards. As always Red State lays down the law check out the full story!

Rush's Wedding

ok I'm having trouble with this one. Rush was just married for the 4th time if you haven't heard.....None other than Elton John was the main performer!?!?!?!?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Its a bird, its a plane, its the Titanic/Avatar director to the rescue
AS GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD BE my witness the Whitehouse has James Cameron in as a consultant on the latest group of minds commandeered to help with our calamity in the Gulf. I mean seriously?
You can't make this up?
At some point wouldn't you like get him to come in after putting out the bat-signal or something?
I'm all for pointing out the obvious but when it gets to the point that the Qatar version of Jon Stewart is doing like 30 minutes of his whole bit/show on our damn President, which used to be the most powerful human on earth, I believe its time to reevaluate your entire position on several levels.

Just another part of Mr. Sinise's tour of DC that he photographed for the world

If you have a moment read his comments.
He has folks from Venezuela and everywhere making comments thanking him so much for the pics etc. GREAT STUFF.

This is how all Hollywood elites should act - EAT YOUR HEART OUT

For any that aren't aware...this is a daily and monthly thing for Mr. Sinise as he lives, breathes, and thinks just as we do its just that he happens to be famous. REFRESHING huh.
This is how he spent his Memorial Day - and I even have his twitter twitpic actual link in case anyone just happens to question the when, where, etc.

OH YEAH. This week's sign that the apocalypse (or Globama) is Upon US!!

An illegals ONLY scholarship to a PUBLICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC University in California.

Oh yeah that's right. Remember the song. They packed up that hut and moved to Beverly, Hills that is. Good grief it never ends.
Remind me. How long was the last estimate until somehow California winds up in the ocean?
I mean Al Gore just bought a house right on the ocean front as well so that is all the more reason I welcome being called a hate-monger!!!!

No words just a picture- Arlington Cemetery

The top of Section 60 at Arlington. The OIF/OEF KIAs are on the other side.

Yet another jewel to do Obama's blaming for him

Chuck Green you go boy wonder (that no one has ever heard of that matters and that we will soon dismiss and forget).
my god give me a friggin break.

Your US Progressive History- That Can't Happen here (IT already has)

The American Protective League.
I only wish this was a cheesy crap comic book from the 80's.
If you don't follow Beck daily then most likely this will be a real eye opener unless you are a true conesier of our REAL unlaundered history.


From the book
The Web
"The Authorized History of
The American Protective League"
by Emerson Hough
The Reilly & Lee Company, Chicago, IL 1919

Chapter XIII
Arts of The Operatives

The Midnight Camera - The Way of a Man and a Maid and a Dictagraph - Secret Inks and Codes - Stories of the Trail - How Evidence Was Secured.

It already has been stated that the American Protective League had no governmental or legal status, though strong as Gibraltar in governmental and legal sanction. The mails are supposed to be sacred - the Postmaster General has sworn they always shall be sacred. They are sacred. But let us call the A.P.L. sometimes almost clairvoyant as to letters done by suspects. Sometimes it clairvoyantly found the proofs it sought!

It is supposed that breaking and entering a man's home or office place without warrant is burglary. Granted. But the League has done that thousands of times and has never been detected! It is entirely naive and frank about that. It did not harm or unsettle any innocent man. It was after the guilty alone, and it was no time to mince matters or to pass fine phrases when the land was full of dangerous enemies in disguise. The League broke some little laws and precedents? Perhaps. But it upheld the great law under the great need of an unprecedented hour.

A man's private correspondence is supposed to be safe in his office files or vault. You suppose yours never was seen? Was it? Perhaps. It certainly was, if you were known as a loyal citizen a true-blood American. But the League examined all of the personal and business correspondence of thousands of men who never were the wiser.

How could that be done? Simply, as we shall see. Suppose there was a man ostensibly a good business man, apparently a good citizen and a good American, but who at heart still was a good German as hundreds of thousands of such men living in America are this very day. This man has a big office in a down-town skyscraper. He is what the A.P.L. calls a 'suspect.' Let us call him Biedermacher.

About midnight or later, after all the tenants have gone home, you and I, who chance to be lieutenants and operatives in the League, just chance in at the corridor of that building as we pass. We just chance to find there the agent of the building who just chances also to wear the concealed badge of the A.P.L. You say to the agent of the building, want to go through the papers of Biedermacher, Room 1117, in your building.'

'John,' the agent says to the janitor, give me your keys, I've forgotten mine, and I want to go to my office a while with these gentlemen.'

We three, openly, in fact, do go to Biedermacher's office. His desk is opened, his vault if need be it has been done a thousand times in every city of America. Certain letters or documents are found. They would be missed if taken away. What shall be done?

A Belgian tradition on OUR Memorial Day

Do you know that Belgian children wave American flags on our Memorial Day, and dozens of towns present wreaths for our soldiers?


Memorial Day related - Our Military's history of burying its heroes that die in battle

This is simply something if you aren't versed in, in my opinion, every American should know and understand as a matter of respect.

this wonderful article is from:

Israeli Flotilla Situation - A vague semblance of actual information

Boys and girls if anyone says that media collusion or simple pathetic sorriness is a conspiracy theory need not look any further than this story.
This thing is so damn obviously reported with a pure agenda or patheticness and insanity in full force you would think this was someone going after the story and having the same technology of covering the Midnight ride of Paul Revere.

From REDSTATE- A career Oil Guy's advise to Obama


Posted by Vladimir (Profile)
Saturday, May 29th at 3:33PM EDT
For the last fifteen years, I’ve been the operations manager for a small Gulf of Mexico oil and gas company. I’ve had more than a few sleepless nights in that time, whether it be worrying about a problem well, a reported accident or an impending hurricane. Since Barack Obama has assumed full accountability for the outcome of the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I offer this advice as one who understands the nature, if not the scope, of the challenge facing him.

With all due respect, sir, rookies make rookie mistakes.

Mr. President, it’s really pretty simple:

You must have the best and the brightest technical people working the problem.
You must make sure that they are motivated to fulfill your goals.
Above all, you must trust them to do a good job.
Engineers are smart and proud people and don’t like to be told how to do their jobs. It’s best if they recommend a solution; 99% of the time I accept their recommendation. The last thing I want to do is to send someone to do a job with a tool that he/she doesn’t believe in. Experience has taught me that the human urge to say “I told you so, boss” often overcomes the urge to succeed, especially if succeeding means telling the boss that he was right all along.

As for point #1, BP already has the best and the brightest working on controlling the source of the spill. They are working as hard as they can to fix the problem. Your mistake, sir, is that you are constitutionally unable to let go of the Lefty prejudice: Oil People Are Bad People. So you’ve a given us all this nonsense about “boots on the throat” and threatened prosecutions and pointing fingers at the finger-pointers, which has done nothing to enhance their confidence in you as a leader. Oh, they want badly to stop the spill, but their loyalty to you and your success is only as deep as the loyalty you’ve shown them.

And then, if you had a back up plan, it would be in knowledgeable Federal employees to take over. Your only source of oilfield-savvy professionals who might be capable of managing this task is in the MMS, and you’ve already thrown them under the bus! You’ve taken a couple of unrelated scandals (investigated, by the way, on President Bush’s watch), and a couple of wayward employees in a backwater office to build the oft-repeated notion of a ‘cozy, often corrupt relationship’ between MMS and the industry it regulates.

How many careers and reputations of good, dedicated public employees have you tarnished in the process? That’s the scandal.

By taking this tack, and deciding to forge ahead with reorganizing this agency before this crisis has been resolved, morale at MMS is at an all-time low. A good many of these folks probably voted for you, too.

A thought to consider: how many Federal agencies are free of the supposed “sins” that your auditors found at MMS? Does a ‘cozy relationship’ exist between, say, the Department of Labor and the SEIU? Has a Defense Department contract analyst ever written contract specs that only they could satisfy, post-retirement? We know that SEC staff surfed porn. The Congress? “Let he who is without sin…”, etc.

Or maybe the MMS/industry relationship reflected a mutual respect for the job each had to do. Just maybe.

Mr. President, I really want you to succeed, at least insofar as allaying Malia’s concern about “the hole”. But it looks like you’ve written off nearly every American (and Brit) who understands oilfield technology. Your Big-Hat-No-Cows Interior Secretary and your Nobel-Prize-Laureate Energy Secretary aren’t going to be much help to you now.

Face it: you need those Big Bad Oil People on your side, pulling for this thing to be fixed ASAP. Instead of rooting for you to fail.

MUST watch and track website for exposing corruption at a federal government levdel

THIS in my opinion is a very very underrated site.
Give it a look and never forget it.

Were our Founders religious or deists or....? AND THE ISRAEL FLOTILLA

This is a must read from the Glenn Beck radio show 5/25/10.
Yes its transcripts but especially if you have any questions its will more than perk your BS meter if all you have is even a DEGREE from a University in US History etc.

I honestly consider this nothing more than a shining example of what a machine can do with desire and time and eventual control. God love the Woodrow Wilson progressives and especially yet again the tree huggin hippies that are now in control.
As Beck said today back at Woodstock the montra was don't trust anyone over 30 years old (from the 20 year olds there).
Well Beck says NOW I don't trust OLD people...the ones that when they were 20 were saying don't trust anyone 30 years of age or older. AMEN.

Just look at the news coverage you are getting RIGHT NOW of this joke of an "attack" by Israel. My god in the age of instant access news from all over the world and the ass hats at CBS, NBC, ABC, etc actually think they can put that joke of a 1 sided view of an anti-christ Israel and it just be no big deal and the fact that THERE IS A DAMN VIDEO OF THE ENTIRE THING FROM THE OUTSIDE AND IT CLEARLY SHOWS WHY THE OPS FINALLY HAD TO DRAW THEIR FIREARMS AND ESCALATE THINGS.
AND you also don't hear they went on the ship with paint ball guns in hand and all the flotilla had to do was come to their checkpoint be inspected and upon approval get a damn escort to their destination.
ALSO, there is a Turkish news crew on board filming and the morons running the show are on tape saying we will either make our destination or be Martyred. Well I don't know but I hope they were one of the ones being martyred. MY GOD. (and i have to say it scares the hell out of me I just figured out thx to this issue that Google dictionary will automatically correct a misspelling of Hezbollah)

Making it in Today's World - Lil Change of pace but Great Read

Not quite what I normally do but this is a good read no matter where I may be in life in 30 years assuming I am alive of course.
Making It in Today's World

by Nick Burkholder

As hungry and demanding as we are for answers and solutions, we often look past or even reject simple facts and analyses. The tried and true barely get any consideration. Invariably many of the solutions that we do choose to embrace are like the latest fad: They don't sustain us for long and we often come to regret the experience.

In order to identify the proven and lasting principles of individual performance I went back to the executives that I surveyed for the Executive Career Guide. These six principles have served them well in the intervening years:

1. Validate your sources.

Don't buy the book, attend the seminar, or retain the consultant unless there is supporting documentation or research.

2. Read

Whether an iPad, netbook, ereader, smartphone, your computer, or plain old fashion print, reading is still the fastest, most efficient way to assimilate information and foster new ideas.

3. It's not the system, it's the user. It's not the vendor, it's the buyer. It's not the structure, it's all about execution.

It's all up to you. Exploit what you have. If you are considering changing a system, vendor, or structure it's even more important to exploit and understand what you have before selecting a replacement.

4. Track your performance.

Your performance should be based on specific customer driven objectives which include quantifiable outcomes or results. These measures constitute your own personal score card and you should monitor them to both improve your performance as well document your contributions.

5. Communication is everything.

You might as well communicate, if you don't the people you work with will inevitably waste a great deal of time filling in the blanks - and will probably get it wrong..

6. Make everyone a Star.

Recognize that everyone at every level can be a Star: Every single person - from the disabled part-time mailroom clerk to executive vice president with the Harvard MBA. You can start making people Stars by understanding and recognizing their performance. This should include measurable objectives which each individual can use as a guide to continually improve their own performance.

Professional success is a never ending challenge but these six lasting principles of individual performance have served executives well both in the best, and in the most uncertain, of times.

Read the unabridged version here.

Nick Burkholder

Under the Rocks

"Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny." Patrick Overton, author, educator and speaker
Submitted by First Resource subscriber Pam Allen, SPHR, Vice President of Human Resources, Sage Products, Inc.

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2. Who was the first presidential jogger?
Theodore Roosevelt. He jogged around the Washington Monument daily.

3. What famous early American once boasted: "I can't say I was ever lost, but I was bewildered once for three days"?
Frontiersman Daniel Boone.

4. In 1933, how much did a night's stay in a double room cost at the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City?
In 1933, a double cost $9; a single, $6; a suite, $20.

5. What was the only product ever promoted by Elvis Presley in a television commercial?
Donuts--the commercial, for Southern Made Donuts, was aired in 1954.

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VP Biden says hell no to American Exceptionalism

I'm sure you guys have heard this one by now but hey no one reads this but me, hehe, so as I say all the time this is my historical account of what happens in our political and physical republic and all that affects it.
Biden in Brussels as reported by Fox News and a few others simply another GLOBAMA get back in line shut and sit down America you've had your time lets go back to damn redistributing the wealth etc.
It's not unheard of for Vice President Biden to get lost in the moment, but during a speech earlier this month to the European Parliament his flattery of the host may have gone a bit overboard, ceding Washington, D.C.'s role as the world's center of liberty.

The U.S. vice president, opening his address in Belgium, argued that Brussels -- considering its rich history and abundance of international institutions -- could well be the "capital of the free world."

He suggested that Washington, D.C., his home, is undeserving of that title -- notwithstanding its wealth of global organizations and the countless international summits that take place there.

"As you probably know, some American politicians and American journalists refer to Washington, D.C. as the 'capital of the free world,'" Biden said. "But it seems to me that in this great city, which boasts 1,000 years of history and which serves as the capital of Belgium, the home of the European Union, and the headquarters for NATO, this city has its own legitimate claim to that title."

Biden's trip to Europe in early May came in the immediate aftermath of the attempted Times Square bombing and his comings and goings were not widely reported. The above comment was made during his May 6 address to the European Parliament.

List of Biden's Political Blunders
Biden used the speech to discuss tackling the threats of nuclear proliferation, climate change and international terrorism and stress the importance of the United States' alliance with Europe.

"We need each other more now than we have ever," Biden said.

Biden said he was "particularly honored" to address the body, "as a lawmaker for more than 36 years in our parliament."

Watch Glenn Beck on Fox Friday - NEW BOOK ALERT

Well its not George Washington's Sacred Fire or the Patroits Guide to US History but I will all but guarantee you its just as good or close. Watch Friday and we will all find out what it is as he's having the author on


When you have sometime you wish to devote to surfing, research of our history, trying to become a more informed citizen and transforming that into greater patriotism is a site for you.

Arizona Law Enforcement finally STANDS UP FOR THEMSELVES

My god folks I am so happy to see someone finally came out and stopped looking like a regime simply because of their lack of response. You can't have the whole world, whether its the honest expectation of those ass hats or not, condemn a law simply based on their view of you completely taking advantage of it and using it to further your racist and biggoted self-worth!! PLEASE WATCH">

Al-Qaida's #3 in charge confirmed killed

Our boy PrezBO is just loving those Drone attacks and I can't even argue on the surface with the results when you get a headline like this.
I do wonder in the big picture what we really get out of this as this is like the 8th #3 in command we have put down.
Anybody with me on an honest wonderment here?
Zero negative here and definitely nothing partisan.
Just can't help but wonder at what point do we get to set point or deuce or WHAT?

Memorial Day Weekend

Late, yes I know it. I am happy to say I kept the reason for the season so to speak in my mind and heart (and on my lips for probably way more than wanted to here the various diatribes)while getting many many different things for the family in various functions completed or started.
My wonderful wife and I got the pool and surrounding area almost fully functional (its only due to laziness it took this much work but hey live and learn and I have sworn on my soul that I have)among many things!
Hope anyone within an earshot of this had a most safe & happy extended weekend ESPECIALLY in regards to remembering the entire reason it is a federal holiday.