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Sunday, March 30, 2014

I cant' help it...I enjoy Stephen A. Smith.

That enjoyment reference is 100% due to his huge personality & unlike many I confess I love him/Skip/First Take.
Now in regards to race issues I will just say this...everybody should listen to Stephen A & Skip's conversations over the years. Really.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

R.I.P. Noel Sheppard. The man was so genuine I feel like I knew him for years. Godspeed

Friday, March 28, 2014

OK Lamesream Media, We have a possible 10th successful FATAL gun defense of a home in 2014 Detroit?! Comments, Questions Bueller?

American Horror Story: Tales of ObamaCare Victims Untold by the Big Three Networks

Get out your hanky and I am doing my best not to cry typing this (i.e. for you damn liberals with no actual sense of humor------> I am very sympathetic to these fine folks)

American Horror Story: Tales of ObamaCare Victims Untold by the Big Three Networks | Media Research Center:

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Stanford Guru speaks on his expected outcome of the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS case

A quick mention for my fine family...if and when this is read years and decades from now...The headline here wasn't hyperbole or an attempt at humor...
I obviously consider this man the way, the truth, and the light on the subject but those that actually live in this type world describe him mostly as I did in the headline.

Damn it is hard to argue against true idiocy (DOJ's Hobby Lobby "points")

This is a post that is simply has to be pointed out again......WHEN our future generations click on this and read this garbage (ASSUMING the Libs & Progressives didn't win) they will contemplate turning off any and every breathing machine etc. for all us old sheeple.

3 itty bitty questions about those 6 million ObamaCare enrollees

I'm not tired or suddenly lacking a vocabulary this is simply the Webster's Dictionary definition of MOVE ALONG, NOTHING TO SEE HERE Sheeple (just in case any of you grazing bastards just might have a moment of individual honesty and read/think/look at anything not simply as a herd)

So Senator Yee worked his ass of to disarm Americans & help arm others?!

You just can't make this shit up...and of course the best part is you need Dirty Harry partnered up with CSI Las Vegas to find what mysterious party affiliation this gem resides in

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The US police state is alive and well (in Kansas this time)

Ann Coulter's actual attempt to get insurance thanks to Obamacare

I love this human but let us be serious...much like the honest sister to her alcoholic brother she might be construed as a BEOTCH on occasion....READ this and she will drop right back into pure sympathy/empathy territory.
Also, many thanks for the detailed first rate account of the garbage that you endured.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Washington Post shows its bias (The WA Compost has since responded of course)

I ain't even commenting on their response for the annals of history. These ass hats will be judged on their merits...enjoy the utter Titanic fails in a world of daily row boat ones.

I agree with Rush..although I bet most Sheeple & especially Libs don't have or want a clue

This is how the tea party ends (DO NOT judge by the title. Read & Think please)

Being in college is like living in Disneyland (the Adam & Eve version)

I only selfishly wish Sharyl found herself with Glenn at The Blaze

Good luck and God bless with your website etc. ma'am. You have honored your family and dang sure your country. I don't care what you do...and actually I would be happy if you did nothing but hold Republican lawmakers feet to the fire.

Friday, March 14, 2014

"Inarticulate" buries the lead. Ryan is all in on come one, come all immigration.

When I wake up to liberal garbage like this, I just shake my head. #BloodShootsOutOfMyEyes

Austin Fitts says it all...a very recent high level government worker by the way

I admire Trey Gowdy's grit

Singularity is coming fast folks...look it up if that makes no sense (Thanks for joining the Republic Bill)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Great Question: When will Fox News recognize other views on foreign policy?

When I become (or hopefully Glenn Beck beats me) a billionaire and happily take what used to be a fairly good channel and go all True Detective Season 1 (look it up kids...fabulous stuff)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I mean this in now way negative to the writer..instead to our Govt..NO SHIT my gold fish knows this

The Wages of Weakness

The most important moment at CPAC..did you miss it?

So a Soviet defector predicted this God awful Progressive America I live in (30 yrs ago)

Anyone with a pulse that grasps Marx is evil must shutter in their boots.

Great piece on Common Core myths. Read & Forward to others.

I am tired, sadly, that even folks I really really like are buying in at worst case to the accidental ass raping of the "common core" system by those pesky communist book writers that stamped common core ready on the book...but we don't do books we only do curriculum. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Mitch McConnell Actually Walked Onstage at CPAC Holding a Rifle and to ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ | Video |

I can hardly stand the thought of Mitch McConnell but I will give the old buzzard usual he will not go down (i.e. off the Govt Power teat) Mitch McConnell Actually Walked Onstage at CPAC Holding a Rifle and to ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ | Video |

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Crimea River the always must read Ann Coulter edition

Crimea Damn River

Meet Communism on Meth..thx Salon.Com you rarely disappoint.

Of course LA bans E-Cigs...they prefer you get a fake script & smoke dope..