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Friday, November 25, 2011

Climategate 2.0: New E-Mails Rock The Global Warming Debate - Forbes

HERE ME...if I were even approaching important or famous I can imagine this would be one of those comments taken insanely and blown up to untold proportions....AND if I were even approaching important or famous I WOULD ONLY SAY MORE NOT LESS.
MARK IT DOWN FOLKS....this climate-gate garbage is just like this sad sad evil J. Sandusky predator case at Penn State....for every initial person that comes forward in this molestation case there will be probably 10 more that come later or see that he will never see the light of day after trial and simply let it go from a accusation standpoint....WELL for every Climate-gate email situation we get I WILL BET MY ETERNAL SOUL on it there are 10 more like it and some we may see eventually and some (this part is totally different) for many and multiple reasons the world will likely never know!

Climategate 2.0: New E-Mails Rock The Global Warming Debate - Forbes:

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Penn&Teller Expose Obama’s Tax "Bullshit"

Well obviously this fine atheist isn't for the faint of heart but if you haven't taken the time at any point in life I can assure you he has few if any sacred cows....he will flat out call anyone (including GOD...see atheist reference above) out on the carpet. That alone in this damn world is worth a look at bare minimum.

Trevor Loudon's New Zeal Blog » Penn&Teller Expose Obama’s Tax "Bullshit":

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MAKE EVERYONE READ THIS: North Dakota Oil Boom Creates a Boom in ND Millionaires

OH HELL NO the Lame-stream-media won't report on this....destroys the unending mantra that America is bad and evil; and that Capitalism is even worse than aforementioned America.... NOW click this link and read what I already knew was happening (simply didn't have true statistics to back up the huge chatter out there about we do baby)

CARPE DIEM: ND Oil Boom Creates a Boom in ND Millionaires:

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

OWSer Hands Obama A Note In New Hampshire

If you knew nothing about this Occupy Movement the obvious 1st red flag is on the actual note as you can see in the link the sorry bastards crossed out "American" from the thing..... 'NUF SAID YA THINK?

The Morning Spew » OWSer Hands Obama A Note In New Hampshire:

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Mark Steyn Weekly Archive Couldn't Be Better - The original OBIT for NEWT in 1999

I am pasting below the meat and potatoes of the article but of course only after the links from Mr. Steyn and also mentioning that his messaging today from the original requester of his wonderful work you must click to see (that and I am probably thinking this is not in...if I every had a famous blog etc. lol)

'Gingrich - primary mission,' wrote the fledgling Newt in a reminder to himself in December 1992. 'Advocate of civilisation. Definer of civilisation. Teacher of the rules of civilisation.' So far, so good. But, at this point, a touch of self-doubt sets in: 'Leader (possibly) of the civilising forces.'
Sadly, it was not to be. Today, Newt Gingrich is Loser (undoubtedly) of the '98 election. Stunned to find someone in Washington going down even faster than Monica, President Clinton generously saluted the Speaker as a 'worthy adversary'. Alas, the Democrats' House Leader Dick Gephardt, cruising past Newt's bullet- riddled body in the gutter, couldn't resist reversing back over it: 'I hope that whoever succeeds Newt Gingrich as Speaker will immediately begin the process of repairing the damage that was wrought on this institution over the last four years.'
Whoa, steady on! Before we confine the Great Definer and Supreme Advocate to the trash can of history, it's worth remembering what the House of Representatives was like in the long-past pre-Newtian era of four years ago. After 40 years of Democratic control, it was a stinking sewer of corruption - not just who-paid-whose-bill-at-the- Paris-Ritz piffle, but rampant, systemic corruption. At the House bank, for example, Congressmen could write cheques for vast sums of cash, regardless of whether they had any funds to cover them. In Britain, where cheque-bouncing and extravagant overdrafts are routine, that might not seem a big deal. But, over here, if you bounce a cheque for 12 bucks to the general store, they pin it up over the register and the whole town knows. Do it again and you'll get 30 days in the county jail. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a story about a fellow whose entire life was ruined because in his youth he passed one bad cheque. Yet, under a system that prides itself on checks and balances, Congressmen could write all the cheques they want regardless of their balances. In the House post office, they could wander in with a $10,000 contributor's cheque, buy a 29¢ stamp and get $9,999.71 change. My postmistress won't let you do that.
But the most telling symptom of the moral decay under one-party rule was a simple one: the laws Congress passed on behalf of the people applied to all the people - except them. They were exempt from their own legislation. In 1994, the then Speaker Tom Foley, a Democratic Congressman from Washington State, was suing his own electors because they'd been impertinent enough to pass a ballot proposition mandating term limits for the Representatives. His crony, Dan Rostenkowski, had an even more fundamentalist view of the perks of office: they found furniture from the House in the basement of his home in Illinois.
Newt and the new Republican leadership ended those scams: legislators, like any other citizens, are now bound by the law of the land; Rostenkowski went to gaol and Foley to a richly deserved political oblivion; whatever else may be said about Newt's tenure as Speaker, you no longer have to nail down the furniture.
Instead, it was nailing down Newt that proved the problem. About a week before the 1994 Republican landslide, I was on a radio show where someone mentioned a poll showing that over 50 per cent of the American people had never hear of Newt Gingrich. 'I wish I could say the same,' muttered a Democrat pundit. In 1994, no one voted for Newt; some voted for the 'Contract With America', and a lot voted against the Democratic incumbents and the Washington establishment.
Newt deserves credit for his bold strategy that year and for his much derided 'Contract', of which most proposals (welfare reform, a balanced budget, etc.) were savaged by Democrats at the time, yet almost all of which have since been co-opted by the President. In his humbler, non-Definer of Civilisation moments, he saw himself as another Churchill, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria ... But I think, in these media-conscious times, the most appropriate comparison would be with the creators of a hit TV show - say, James Brooks and Allan Burns, who cooked up The Mary Tyler Moore Show. They invented a superb vehicle, but they didn't make the mistake of putting themselves in it: brilliant as they might be, no one would want to see The Brooks and Burns Show every night of the week; they want to see perky, sunny Mary. Newt's mistake was to muddle a congressional election with the Miss America pageant: he was convinced people loved him. Like that other pudgy, greying boomer in the Oval Office, he thought everything had to be about him: all Newt, all the time.
Shortly after he became Speaker, his staff circulated a five-page document of interconnected projects under the heading 'Newtworld'. Newtworld proved to be one of those theme-parks nobody wants to visit - and who can blame them? At Newtworld, what you mostly get is lots of Newt, at great length. A couple of years ago, I happened to be on a discussion panel presided over by Mrs Thatcher. In the moments before the debate began, rather than waste her time yakking with me, she cast an eye over an upcoming Newt speech that one of his aides had asked for her thoughts on. She took up her pen and scored through one line, then another. 'Even the best speeches can lose a line or two' I mumbled, nervously glancing at my own address. She scored through the rest of the paragraph, then down to the foot of the page, and over on to the next. When she'd eventually finished, she called over the lady from Newt's political action committee, and handed her the replacement text for the deleted portions: one short sentence. Poor Newt. He was never that disciplined. He was fond of movements and 'Movement Planning Proposals', but he couldn't resist moving from movement to movement. He's responsible for more movements than a crate of Ease-O-Lax: from 'The Triangle of American Progress' to the 'Caring Humanitarian Reform Movement' to 'The America That Can Be' to the 'Citizens' Opportunities Movement' to 'Renewing American Civilisation'.
If you're wondering what 'The Triangle of American Progress' is, relax: pretty soon it had evolved into 'The Four Pillars of American Civilisation', which in turn expanded into the 'Five Pillars of the 21st Century'. The collected brainstorms of Newt sound like a cross between T.E. Lawrence and the numerologically obsessed Fruit of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan who claims that once a month he's taken up into a spacecraft floating above earth to commune with the spirits of deceased African-Americans. Aside from his 'Five Pillars', Newt had the 'Four Great Truths', the 'Nine Zones of Creativity', the 'Fourteen Steps to RAC' (see Renewing American Civilisation above), the Four Can'ts, the Five Cs, the Four Tops, the Jackson Five, the McGuire Sisters, and on and on.
The Democrats demonised Newt as an extreme right-wing crazy. They were right - apart from the 'extreme' and 'right-wing', that is. Most of the above seem more like the burblings of a frustrated self-help guru than blueprints for conservative government. For example, Pillar No. 5 of the 'Five Pillars of American Civilisation' is: 'Total quality management'. Unfortunately for Newt, the person who most needed a self-help manual was him - How to Win Friends and Influence People for a start. After last week's election, Republicans have now embarked on the time-honoured ritual, well known to British Tories and Labour before them, of bickering over whether they did badly because they were too extreme or because they were too moderate. In Newt's case, the answer is both. He spent the last year pre-emptively surrendering on anything of legislative consequence, but then, feeling bad at having abandoned another two or three of his 'Fourteen Steps to RAC', he'd go on television and snarl at everybody in sight. In so doing, he betrayed Item No. 8 of his 1997 Movement Planning Proposal:
'We are FOR rather than AGAINST.
'We are Inclusive rather than Exclusive . . .
For Republicans it was the worst of all worlds: a lily-livered ninny whom everyone thinks is a ferocious right-wing bastard. In the 1996 presidential race, the Democrats ran commercials attacking not Dole but 'Dole-Gingrich'; in congressional campaigns, the bland, anonymous face of some unexceptional Senator or Representative would suddenly be electronically morphed into the satanic smirk of Newt. In the days before the Speaker decided to pull the Five Pillars down around his head and hurl himself down the Fourteen Steps, Texas Governor George W. Bush was telling friends that he was almost certainly going to run for president, but that, if he did, he wanted to win or lose on his own merits and not because the Democrats tagged the campaign 'Bush-Gingrich'. Newt had movement proposals for every subject but one: likability. It's clear from his 45-minute non- farewell address on Monday that he still hopes to run for the White House in 2000, but he has an insurmountable obstacle: the American people will never warm to him.
At the Congressional level, likability is becoming a major problem for the GOP. Late on election night, I switched on ABC to find, for the Republicans, Senator Orrin Hatch and House Majority Leader Dick Armey and, for the Democrats, Barney Frank. For most people, Congressman Frank's name conjures up, if anything at all, a hazy memory of a long-ago scandal about a gay prostitution ring being operated from his premises. In purely objective terms, he's a faintly creepy old queen with a lisp, but, next to Senator Hatch, a stiff-necked Mormon, and Armey, a dim bruiser with a sore head, he seemed by far the most relaxed and non-off-putting. The Republicans are still looking for their Mary Tyler Moore: Americans like their leaders on the sunny side.
Bob Livingston, the new Speaker, doesn't fit that bill. Except for occasional explosions, he's as boring as a ledger. But these days non-exciting is in, and Mr Livingston has promised 'to make the trains run on time'. In contrast to Mussolini-era deployments of the term, this is a mere figure of speech: it seems to be beyond either party to make Amtrak, the country's federally funded, ramshackle passenger rail network, run on time. But, that said, he'll be lower-key than his predecessor, which means that when Governor Bush or some other non-congressional Republican wins the presidential nomination, they'll be the party's undisputed leader and not merely Newt's sidekick.
Meanwhile, everything's back to normal: on Monday, Justice Department officials interviewed the President about alleged 'soft money' fundraising abuses, and the Supreme Court ruled against him on the questions of testimony from government counsel and Secret Service agents. Life goes on - except without Newt - lost in the Bermuda Triangle of American Progress. 'It has', declared former Christian Coalition head honcho Ralph Reed, 'shifted the Teutonic plates'. Maybe he meant Tectonic, maybe not. Maybe he saw Newt as some grim Teutonic platter of cold meats that the public was never going to find any more appetising: the wurst was yet to come.
Florida Congressman Joe Scarborough, formerly one of the 1994 Gingrich revolutionaries, nailed his colours to the new mast. 'I'm a George W. Bush Republican,' he says. 'I don't know what that means, but I'll know it when I see it.'

MORE ON CLIMATEGATE PART DEUX: “As with the first ClimateGate release, I have yet to see anything i…

My GOD people I can only pray by the time my grandchildren read this that every single nugget of this garbage is something people have been laughing about for years....

Instapundit » Blog Archive » MORE ON CLIMATEGATE PART DEUX: “As with the first ClimateGate release, I have yet to see anything i…:

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Friday, November 18, 2011


Mr. Steyn as usual provides some slightly unusual and thought provoking dialog including one of the earlier gaffes by the NY SLIMES newspaper (i.e. this fine gentleman that passed away this week was originally in an OBIT in the Times 5 years ago...thx to that damn massive and thorough reporting they hang their hats on)


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Thursday, November 17, 2011

America Hits $15 Trillion of Debt (VIA Heritage)

Even if you don't have a few minutes to read the article simply click on the link and look at the picture at the top of the page. Just seeing that debt clock and what 15 trillion dollars physically looks like....and that will tell you all you need to know about why we have to do something different than we have been doing AND FAST.

America Hits $15 Trillion of Debt:

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Those RICH RADICALS and the Wall Street Protestors: The Obama Connection! | Voting American

Color me very unsurprised as usual sadly.
Also as we know when you have a complicit media or at the very least a media so set on it's own agenda they pick our winners and losers THIS IS WHAT YOU GET (i.e. Change you can believe in etc. garbage)

Those RICH RADICALS and the Wall Street Protestors: The Obama Connection! | Voting American:

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Inside the Harbaugh family coaching tree - ESPN

This HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FOOTBALL...except if you know nothing of it and/or this fine family you will have to research how awesome this story is of family!!
Just take 2 minutes of your day and read how the Dad dealt with his fine 2 young sons from an early age and then take 5 minutes and watch any of the videos of them even to this day (both are head coaches in the NFL now)
Literally brings a tear to my eye.

Eddie Matz - ESPN The Magazine: Inside the Harbaugh family coaching tree - ESPN:

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Herman Cain | Fire Staff | The Daily Caller

I have to totally agree with EE from on all accounts here. I still think Herman can win (I will happily vote for him in the primary) and this current staff has turned into a clown-car show at the 1st sign of a scandal or attempt at one!!

RedState | Herman Cain | Fire Staff | The Daily Caller:

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Herman Cain loses endorsement from American Mustache Institute | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

In a week of some horrible evils here is a moment of levity that is sorely needed (IMO)

Herman Cain loses endorsement from American Mustache Institute | The Ticket - Yahoo! News:

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

LSU defense clamps down to win a classic - College Football -

A sports link on a life blog for my future grandchildren...ONLY because I can't help but point out obvious things....and this article especially a few paragraphs down where they describe the last 1 vs 2 from the Big 10...both teams went on to get their hindquarters handed to them in BCS games just helps make me remember yet again to NOT BE LIKE THE LIBERAL in reality!!!!! It is the liberal media that would still to this day be saying that the Big 10 etc was the best if as many people listened and watched our countries politics as they do football sadly....

LSU defense clamps down to win a classic - College Football -

'via Blog this' with Multiple Stories worth Watching

This has the crazy new Trump jet, a YouTube video as well of Newt's speech in Iowa Saturday, and that crackhead that had 1 too many bodyslams in the WWF... Jesse the Body Ventura!! GOOD STUFF.

Glenn Beck Online November 6, 2011:

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Was ‘cash for clunkers’ a clunker? - The Washington Post

Anyone now that reads this and especially for my family in the future....if you don't immediately know the answer to this question stop now and go look it up and get some perspective and come back and read the link from the Washington Com-Post as is below.....

The quote is ....... The Truth is a Stubborn Thing (sadly for this media generally speaking its a damn joke so when they bring up things that people like I pointed out 4 minutes after I initially heard this idea....well that just means it sucked even worse than my simple country mind could have ever imagined!!!)
If I didn't have family and a stake in this country I would laugh my butt off and rejoice and gloat at being right.....but alas that is, well uhhhh, not a option people. We inherited the greatest country on earth and the greatest idea of a country on earth and we are in the midst of overseeing the ruination of both and having to look our future generations in the eyes and even attempt to explain why, how, would a, could a, should a, blah blah....I am not looking forward to it any of it period! Hence why today's work from every citizen that cares on this continent is absolutely needed!!

Was ‘cash for clunkers’ a clunker? - The Washington Post:

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(The Occupy Movement from an out of work Puppeteer) Marginal Revolution

The moment I finish this addition to the blog I am sending to everyone on planet earth I attention to all parts of this story and the link to the original article from that site known as the nation (also from a personal perspective that founder of that nut job website has his $25 hardback on sale at the dollar tree here in TN in mass quantity).
This story (if you have anything resembling damn common sense and don't long for Communist Russia or current day China) literally spans the spectrum to show why these clowns are just that. This guy had a high dollar education and was working as a teacher in the New York school god go research what they make....well he decides the world is short 1 puppeteer so he goes back and gets an MFA in his dream....Puppetry! AND THAT AZZ HAT hack website that is basically just slightly more illegitimate than Politico used this frigging hilarious sham of a story as a true life tale to legitimize what these useful idiots and wastes of human space are doing at these Occupy movements. I am going lawyer here and simply saying I rest ALL OUR CASES!!

Not From The Onion — Marginal Revolution:

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#OCCUPYFAIL: Head and Body Lice Outbreak Announced at #Occupy Portland Squatters Camp. It’s like a…

Apparently this entire OCCUPY thing hasn't been lost on the parasites in our country (and I don't mean college students and liberals....I am talking actual god them on discovery channel parasites lol)

Instapundit » Blog Archive » #OCCUPYFAIL: Head and Body Lice Outbreak Announced at #Occupy Portland Squatters Camp. It’s like a…:

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Ronald Reagan Statue Vandalized In Newport Beach « CBS Los Angeles

Oh yea America, how can't you love these damn clowns from OCCUPY "any damn thing but a job" apparently!!

Ronald Reagan Statue Vandalized In Newport Beach « CBS Los Angeles:

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Penn State's insufficient action amid child sex allegations stunning - College Football -

I could not, try as I might, resist adding this to the blog. It isn't even related to my general contempt for Academia and the ridiculous power that colleges in this country is simply as good an example of power and importance run a muck as you may ever see....and for God's sake it was the molesting of little boys people. Really? This is beyond words and that is putting it mildly. Let this be one more example albeit as sad an example as I have ever read.

Penn State's insufficient action amid child sex allegations stunning - College Football -

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(I URGE all to watch this debate) For Gingrich and Cain, it’s a friendship and a contest - The Washington Post

Thanks to one of my heroes, Neil Boortz, I heard about this early enough to DVR it since we were able to go watch the Bama vs. LSU game with some friends....I just finished watching the debate and it was even better than I imagined and I would urge anyone to give it their time....WELL WELL WELL worth it!
I can honestly see these guys on a ticket together! Time will tell. I truly despise many of the things a career politician or at worst ELITE like Newt has going on but if for no reason other than the experience factor if Newt could somehow stay where he is in the polls and be a VP (if pride allowed for it of course) I would be very happy with that!!

For Gingrich and Cain, it’s a friendship and a contest - The Washington Post:

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Perry Family Hunting Camp and the ambush of Herman Cain -

Definitely a piece worth reading in my opinion!!

Niggerhead Hunting Camp and the ambush of Herman Cain -

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Source - Rahm Emanuel involved in Cain sexual harassment accuser attacks - Washington Times

I don't need to spend a sentence for anyone in the present of 2011 to figure out what is up here and good Lord do we even really need to go into the laughable neglect in vetting the current President of the US....NO but remember this entire blog is for future conversation with our grandchildren therefore it has been added and we will be talking about in the decades to come.....ALSO KEEP IN MIND HOW MUCH FUN IT WILL BE for PROGS to change history....that is why I think you are currently seeing the ridiculous efforts to shape the narrative by the MSM.....because I daily learn something that was never taught in history class etc....that BS excuse will be off the table with our fine Ipads, Ipods, T1 connections, lap tops all over etc........; am I right or just a little too wrapped up in my hero and convert... Glenn Beck's world? LOL!!!!!!!