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Monday, February 28, 2011

My god people, paging a progressive, paging any progressive cause Obama = any progressive status quo...C this UN report coming out

U.N. Council Poised to Adopt Report Praising Libya's Human Rights Record -
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Per that idiot savant Jonathan Martin - GOP reality check: Obama looking tougher to beat in 2012

GOP reality check: Obama looking tougher to beat in 2012 - Jonathan Martin -
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Obama gets a MUCH DESERVED smackdown from Governor Walker in Wisconsin

OH Please please please read this fine statement issued from the Gov after comments early in the day from PrezBO.

Google backs climate-change weather insurance startup!!!!!!

OMG I love -> Bob Newhart on the Unions in 2011! Pure art!

Unions Let Slip The Dogs of More | RedState
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Yet more culture of corruption! (I am unemployed currently...I wonder if these folks have $175K to pay me for literally a 1 copy book?)

Senate pres. got $152k to write book with 1 copy | The Associated Press | News | Washington Examiner
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Union (aka Democratic aka Progressive aka Left Wing) Civility - Fox Bashing Edition thx to Michelle Malkin

Radicals & Socialists backing Teachers, Why????????????

Obama's Union Puppet Masters, errr, I mean bosses

Meet John Nichols, Socialist, Propagandist, Rabble Rouser (& those are his good qualities)

New Zeal: Socialist Opinion Shapers 1 John Nichols, Propagandist and Rabble Rouser
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Inside Gaddafis Mountain Lair (meaning this 40 room palace was just a getaway folks!!)

This is must read and see with the pics also included!

Boehner rips bid to regulate internet (with a similar slam dunk vs the fairness doctrine)

RIP Corporal Frank Buckles - last living WWI "Doughboy"

God bless & RIP and I am going now to donate to his cause!!!!  PLZ REMEMBER ALL THAT HE DID EVEN AT AN AGE 95% of us will never see!!!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

OMG this is beyond - A short cartoon for your viewing pleasure!

Welcome back CARTER!

Oh no, did somebody (Union protester) not take their medicine in Cali?

Well heck Tim Pawlenty is standing with Mr. Scott Walker in Wisconsin!!

Hey all Democrats (Progressives & Leftist need not apply) IF THERE ARE ANY OF YOU LEFT a QUESTION????

Are you the sorry pieces of garbage that the left wing of you are or is it just them?
Because for a bunch of folks that preach green and consistently try and preach they worry about the environment there is nothing to show evidence of that at any 1 single rally they ever take even a minute part in BUT PLEASE if you have 1 example to refute my 1000 I am sure you would send it like you always do......maybe then it could be bi-partisan clutter do you think?
I mean seriously folks it would be funny if there weren't the only free people on earth's true liberty and freedom involved at every waking moment these days!!!!!!

The offspring of & Van Jones Union Rally in Boston !!!!!!!!!!

Imagine this, the liberty loving folks are yet again picking up the slack for the pieces of trash by ironically enough picking up trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep being the violent pieces of garbage left we have known you to be for years now LEFTIES!!

Shocker, the Oscars have nominated another leftist fantasy green documentary!! MUST READ HERE!

An Inconvenient Truth About ‘Gasland’ | RedState
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If u havent seen some clips check out the Iranian version of the Daily Show!....Im betting this will b up with the Satanic Verses if it keeps up!

Parazit Iranian Daily Show | Chris Wallace | Jon Stewart | Mediaite
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Defiant HERO (of mine) Clarence Thomas Slams Critics for Undermining High Court

‘Defending Liberty’: Defiant Clarence Thomas Slams Critics for ‘Undermining’ High Court | The Blaze
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

AFSCME, Socialism, & the Battle for America!

NewZeal knocks it out of the park yet again!
New Zeal: AFSCME, Socialism and the Battle for America
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Left's double standard on Kochs and Soros | Timothy P. Carney | Politics

Man I am really beginning to love me some Timothy Carney!!!
Thx for full disclosure and exhibiting some damn common sense in full view of the the American public!!

The Kochs vs. Soros: Free markets vs. state coercion | Timothy P. Carney | Politics

At least it's true ideology & conscience that drives a real hard core conservative be it rich or poor.....without the ridiculous calculating double standards that their sheeple just gobble up like the BAHHHHH boys they all are.

Obama Transparency Fail: Offsite meetings for the purpose of circumventing the Presidential Records Act | Timothy P. Carney | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

You can't make this stuff is a quick overview but please read the attached link to the Washington Examiner for much more detailed info.

The list of Obama administration failures on transparency is long. Here's a sample:

  • Obama's Housing and Urban Development Department demanded confidentiality orders from lobbyists with which it was meeting.
  • A telecom advisor Obama's transition team did not disclose, was pushing policy that helped his client.
  • The State Department has used flimsy reasons to reject a FOIA request over a former pipeline lobbyist now working on pipeline issues for State.
  • The stimulus website didn't meet standards for transparency, according to the GAO.
  • Total failure to post non-emergency legislation online for five days before signing -- beginning in the first few days.
  • When Obama sent his Transparency Czar to the Czech Republic, he never replaced him, giving his duties to a partisan ex-lobbyist who believes "disclosure is a mostly unquestioned virtue deserving to be questioned."

New Soros investment fund, profiting off Obama's 'green energy' push, hires top Obama energy aide | Timothy P. Carney | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

New Soros investment fund, profiting off Obama's 'green energy' push, hires top Obama energy aide | Timothy P. Carney | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

So how is your Congressmen doing when it comes to voting on true spending cuts?

Mom's know what Ben Bernake doesn't (INFLATION IS HERE FOLKS)

Rove via WSJ online Article on Wisconsin, Unions, 2012 Re-election Implications, & more.

Rove: Obama's Badger State Blues -
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With all the unrest take a look at this Chevron sign!

Public Sector Unions vs We the People of America - (GREAT GREAT 110 second video of perspective)

NUF said!

Amen. Good Quote Folks. "We can not be the people we have allowed ourselves to become."

We all need to practice this in our daily life - Lead with your mistakes

Of course the best bet is to not make a mistake but ye without sin can cast the first stone on that one so....

OK 1 of my favorite peeps on earth is apparently pissed off! & I am sorry but this can only be good because he is a patriot!

Union Thugs: This Time It’s Personal… | RedState
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Know ur history! Big Labor's Legacy of Violence

Michelle Malkin » Big Labor’s legacy of violence
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When I think of the UN I am always drawn2 the scene in Con Air when the guy declares he is DEA & asks "Do u no what that means?" & Chappelle snipes bak "Yeah it means ur the dirtiest MF on this plane". Is that wrong?

The United Nations is Cutting Ties With Libya's Ruling Family -
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Obama finally breaks silence (I wish he wouldnt have wasted our time personally) on Libya!

Obama finally breaks silence on violence in Libya | RedState
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Not political but it definitely has merit with Obamacare coming upon us!!!!

So so so so so sad. Get out a box of Kleenex folks god bless this father's heart.

I love this truly! Here is our gotcha but it only seemed to prove Gov.Walker principled IMO.

Leftist Writer Dupes Wis. Gov. Walker; Poses as Koch Brother During Trick Phone Call | The Blaze
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Stunner, Holder & Obama at it again!

Obama Administration Drops Defense of Anti-Gay Marriage Law -
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The Last Refuge of the Progressives (Great Piece)

The Last Refuge Of The Progressives | RedState
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just a quick reminder, low-tech is sooooo coooooool!

The lasting lessons of Billy Graham- via GB today's show

Beck TV: The Lasting Lessons of Billy Graham | The Blaze
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Love me some google conspiracy theories folks I wont lie!

Even b4 the digital age anybody this big is worrisome to freedom/liberty conscience folks like myself....factor the new digital age in and voila!
No Big Deal, But Google May Have Invented a Game to Get Kids’ Social Security Numbers -- Daily Intel
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Stu you are the MAN - the pink hoody footy PJ's are forever priceless

Politifact are azz monkeys -> Guaranteed rating of fact! Good reaponse Miss Maulkin!

Michelle Malkin » PolitiFact to “debunk” my Gwen Moore/abortion post
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Unions calling for a general strike if Walker plan passes (visions of Reagan & the Air Traffic Controllers dancing in my head, you?)

Wisconsin Unions Calling for a General Strike if Walker Plan Passes | RedState
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Has anyone even noticed that Belgium has been running on a skeleton crew for almost a year?

Belgium government: Belgium has lacked a government for months -
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The Crooks & Liars Blogger Concocts Another Whopper (hell while you are at it I'm stunned she didn't throw in a Big Mac a Sauce Burger & a Thick Burger)

No commentary needed.......just use what you learned in 1st grade(ish)

I was on the battlefield defending Muslims don't try and blow sunshine up my butt (that is a loose version of what you see on the link & GOD I love it)

Thank God, Allah, Buddha and any other major figure I am forgetting because we have Conservative Bad Arses coming in from every plain on American soil and it's quite simply beyond a joy to watch I don't even think there is an adequate word in our language up to this point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I didn't need 1 of my favorite heroes to bring it up on Presidents Day to know it

but it does bare SINGING IN ALL CAPS on this day because he did only adds to it...........
The 17th AMENDMENT is literally as much an abomination on our damn country and the Constitution as anything on American planet earth!!!!!!!!

Don't even get me started on oil, its slightly less painful that gold is $1410/ounce

well I think its slightly less painful.....both = totally insane with no doubt!!!!!!!!

Events in Libya create a commodity explosion as silver hits $34 and gold $1410

  • February 21st, 2011 12:42 pm ET
The events that are taking place in Libya over the weekend are a catalyst for a commodities explosion in gold, silver, and oil.  Reports out of Tripoli show that tribal areas that control parts of the nations oil production have specified that they will be discontinuing exports to the west at the end of the week, and oil conglomerate BP has reported that they are pulling their personnel out of the 9th largest oil producer.
In an article this morning from Zerohedge, these two catalysts have sparked an explosion in the price of oil, and along with it gold and silver have risen to near record highs.
As events in Libya overnight spiralled out of control, with dozens if not hundreds killed, the parliament buildng in Tripoli on fire, and output at one of the country's oil fields reported to have been stopped by a workers' strike, BP has said it will soon begin evacuating some of its personnel from the 9th largest producer of oil. And just to complete the total chaos, Iran warships are now going to pass the Suez on Tuesday instead of today, to the full glory of a fully open US stock market. The result: gold over $1,400; silver over $33.50; Crude front month over $93; Brent over $105; etc. Luckily, the US stock market is closed, meaning all this will be "priced in" by tomorrow, and the HFT levitation can resume tomorrow as if today never happened...
In fact, since this article was written earlier this morning, silver has reached $34.00 an ounce, and gold to $1410.00.  Oil is pulling back slightly just before moving higher in the futures market.
All this, with the primary US markets closed for President's Day.
Expect prices for all these commodities to continue this evening, when the Middle Eastern markets open.

Continue reading on Events in Libya create a commodity explosion as silver hits $34 and gold $1410 - National Finance Examiner |

Was the stimulus worth the cost? I know why beat a dead horse but nayyyy!

call me a damn horse beater

Was stimulus worth the cost?

President vowed to create jobs with $787 billion, but forestalling state and local jobs cuts may have been its biggest impact

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2011 AT 12:01 A.M.

San Diego’s share of the funding

$973 million
Construction & road projects
Military and road projects slowed – but didn’t stop – construction layoffs.
$420 million
Fed funds helped hundreds of teachers keep jobs, but state cuts may put the jobs at risk.
$387 million
Research & development
UCSD and Scripps won funding but spent most on equipment.
$96 million
Energy projects
Retrofits create some jobs but best hope is to build an industry for the future.
$48 million
Job training
Without enough jobs for trainees, some workers waited in school for better times.
During the two years sincePresident Barack Obama unveiled his $787 billion federal stimulus program, nearly $2.4 billion in stimulus funding has flowed intoSan Diego County, paying for military barracks, health care clinics, solar panels, teachers’ salaries, freeway extensions, road repairs and lab research.
Despite that funding, San Diego’s jobless rate has remained in the double digits for the past 19 months and the county has 74,400 fewer jobs than it had when the stimulus was created.
So was the funding worth it? It depends on who you ask.
No, says Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, one of the administration’s most ardent critics on Capitol Hill. In a column in the Financial Times this month, Issa said it had “woefully failed to reach each of its self-imposed targets” and described it as “a mistake America must never allow to happen again.”
Hold on, says Josh Bivens, economist at the liberal Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. If it weren’t for the stimulus, the jobless rate would certainly be higher than it is today, Bivens says. And the jobless rate will likely start rising again this year, if Capitol Hill allows stimulus programs to expire.
For Marney Cox, economist with the San Diego Association of Governments, the truth lies somewhere in between.
Yes, he says, the stimulus did create some jobs and helped get cash circulating through the economy again. But he adds that the package did not do nearly as well as it could have, since it was laden with programs that lacked the “multiplier effect” needed to stimulate the economy.
To be effective, Cox says, government funds have to create a ripple effect so that every dollar that is spent has more than a dollar’s worth of impact by encouraging more private spending or investment. But Cox says many stimulus programs had less than a dollar’s impact, especially in the short term.
Nationwide, $288 billion of the federal stimulus program was composed of tax cuts. But Cox says that even though those cuts may be good for long-term growth, in the short term it is doubtful that they created many jobs. During recessions, people tend to save their money or repay their debts rather than spend.
An additional $224 billion went to unemployment and poverty programs, led by an extension of jobless benefits from 26 weeks to 99 weeks. Some economists say the extension has acted as a stimulus by giving jobless workers enough money to pay their rent and buy goods and services that they otherwise couldn’t afford.
Cox disagrees. “It’s not that unemployment (insurance) is a bad thing,” he said, “but it’s not a stimulus program. With those payments, at best you’re creating a backstop to reduce the number of jobs that might be lost, but you’re not creating new jobs.”
So out of the entire stimulus package, only $275 billion was used for loans, grants and contracts that were specifically designed to create or preserve jobs. And because of the amount of time it takes to plan federal projects, only 7 percent of that money was spent in 2009 as employment soared. Once the funding kicked in early last year, the jobless rate began to come down, but even now $95 billion has not been allocated.
“Some of the disappointment with the stimulus comes from the reality that some of the infrastructure projects take a while, with environmental reviews, the procurement process, sending out requests for proposal and ensuring that everything meets government requirements,” Cox said. “It’s hard to call something a stimulus program if it takes two years to get off the ground.”
What follows is a look at how that money was spent locally.

Cushioning state cutbacks

Much of the stimulus spending in San Diego County was designed to make up for cutbacks in state and local funding, including $420 million that went to schools; $64 million to police and fire departments, courts and legal services; and $59 million to clinics and social service agencies.
Before the federal funds came in, schools were handing out pink slips to teachers throughout the county. It is estimated that the stimulus helped save the jobs of hundreds of teachers. But now that the federal funds have been spent and the state budget remains deep in the red, teachers are gearing up for the layoffs and cuts to begin in earnest.
“It’s really hard to imagine how things would have happened without the stimulus money, which was used for backfilling teachers,” said Candy Smiley, president of Poway Federation of Teachers. “Even with the stimulus, we’ve reduced our teaching staff, frozen spending and cut programs, and now have some of the highest class sizes in California. We’re very fortunate in Poway to have a real strong community of businesses and parents. And the parents have been donating money for programs they care about.”
Smiley said the Poway Unified School District, which received $15 million in stimulus funding, has been able to save enough money to stay relatively stable through next year. But after that, she warned, it could “fall off the ledge” without an increase in funding. “We’re just not going to be able to provide the kind of education and services we have in the past — and I think that’s true of schools throughout the state,” she said.
In a column in The New York Times last week, Nobel Prize-winning columnist Paul Krugman complained that the impact of the stimulus had been blunted because so much of it had been used to plug in state and local funding gaps. “The stimulus can’t have failed, because it never happened,” he wrote. “Once you take state and local cutbacks into account, there was no surge of government spending.”


Locally, $308 million was spent on road building and repair and roughly $665 million on construction and related costs. But those projects consisted largely of road-building and repair programs that had been stymied by budget cuts, as well as long-planned construction at military bases, including a hospital and new barracks at Camp Pendleton and child care centers in Point Loma and Coronado.
Ken Simonson, economist at the Associated General Contractors of America, says that without such infrastructure programs, the jobless rate in construction — currently at 22 percent nationwide — would be much worse than it is. “The stimulus propped up many construction jobs during the past two years,” he said.
Since the construction programs really began kicking into action in the late summer of 2009, construction layoffs have slowed sharply in San Diego. In the 16 months since September 2009, 3,000 construction jobs have been lost in San Diego County. But that’s an improvement over the 17,300 construction jobs lost during the previous 16 months.

Research and development

Nearly $387 million of stimulus funds was targeted at local research laboratories, led by $177 million to UC San Diego and $81 million to the Scripps Research Institute. The funding covers such diverse projects as studying stem cells, DNA, HIV and lung cancer. But the research is not labor-intensive, and the bulk of the money is spent on state-of-the-art equipment, blunting its impact on employment.


More than $96 million went to energy projects, mostly through block grants to help cities retrofit government buildings to be more energy-efficient. But despite a wide variety of tax breaks for solar paneling and energy-efficiency measures, retrofitting hasn’t caught on as much as hoped in the private sector, partly because recession-shocked businesses and consumers are still reluctant to spend money. And that means job creation is still slow.
“There’s some frustration that there wasn’t an immediate pick-me-up from the stimulus spending,” said Andrew McAllister, program director of the California Center for Sustainable Energy in San Diego. “For energy programs, I think the near-term impact has been good, but it hasn’t been really visible to the public. The biggest impact will be in the long term. We’re developing professional workers and infrastructure that can help position San Diego for future growth in this area.”

Small-business loans

San Diego’s CDC Small Business Finance Corp. received $1.1 million in stimulus funds to extend microloans — ranging between $20,000 and $50,000 — to small businesses throughout Southern California. In the fourth quarter, the CDC loaned out $180,000 to entities that included the Big Tree Little Preschool, Food Farm, The Transfer Answer and Herbs N’ Nutrition. CDC — one of the nation’s largest SBA lenders — estimates that the money helped create 12 jobs and preserve nine others, which is good news for those companies but does not have an effect on the jobless rate.

Job training

The stimulus program included $48 million in funding for job training programs. San Diego’s Workforce Partnership was one of the biggest recipients of training funds, with $10 million aimed at training and placement for teenagers for summer jobs and $13 million at training adults. But one problem that the agency faced was that until recently, there weren’t enough jobs available for graduates of the programs. Working with 21 local colleges and universities, the agency has been placing many of jobless workers into education programs so they will be well-trained once hiring begins to ramp up.

Union Superpower featuring Wisconsin Vern! (This guy is simply awesome)

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Oh my god here we go with these haters again - The Story of Stuff Loons are back


Ok Bill, this is taking the old phrase The Lesser of Two "W"evils to an entirely new level

Its like a game of dictator Russian roulette (except these a real peoples lives of course)
Bill O'Reilly: O'Reilly Poll
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Wuuuuuuu Boy this keeps getting stranger huh?

Update: Bizzaro Pic of Congressman in Fuzzy Tiger Suit Unnerved Staffers | The Blaze
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Columbus takes center stage in Next Big Union Fight!!

Columbus Takes Center Stage in Next Big Union Fight -
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Well after Glenn's NASCAR comments I knew it wouldn't take long but was hoping he might make his first appearance in Bristol DANGIT

god love him...............HE WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH MORE AT HOME 2 MILES FROM ME where i stand here in my den..............IN BRISTOL, TN

More celebrities Glenn has no business meeting

Glenn has a long and storied history of meeting celebrities he has no business interacting with. Last year, he hung out in the Cardinals locker room with Albert Pujols. A few weeks ago he met Bono. And now he’s at a NASCAR event with Fergie, Michael Bay, and the new star of Transformers.
“I met a ton of people. I met Governor Scott,” Glenn said of his trip to the Daytona 500.
“He stopped the bullet train. I was glad to hear that.  I said, Don’t give up on that.  He said, I work for the taxpayers, not for Obama.  You know, he said, Anytime we can save taxpayers ‑‑ that thing just didn’t make any sense. We’re going to spend money to lose money?  That doesn’t make any sense.”
Glenn and his wife sat behind Michael Bay and new Transformers 3 actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Glenn said he and his wife joked, “And so Michael Bay is sitting there and [my wife] says, with no volume control, she said, So, do you think Michael Bay picked her because of the boobs or the lips?  I said, definitely the boobs.”
Stu added, “She strikes me as attractive, quite attractive.  Quite a good‑looking girl.”
Glenn also met Transformers co-star Josh Duhamel and Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie. Glenn said he was surprised how nice everyone was to him. He joked, “Aren’t you the Black Eyed Pea lady?  I mean, you’re supposed to hate me.” He added that he didn’t actually say that to anyone.
Glenn said he was surprised how attractive Fergie was in person after seeing her perform at the Super Bowl (editor’s note: since when did Glenn actually watch sporting events…).
When Jeffy commented that she looked “stocky” during the Super Bowl performance, Pat said, “How would you describe yourself, then, Jeffy, if you’re describing her as stocky, just out of curiosity?”
Jeffy responded, “Personally, I would call myself honed to perfect, but that’s just me.”
Glenn joked, “ If he lost 360 pounds, you should see the six‑pack that’s underneath all that fat.  It’s crazy.  There’s a six‑pack just crying to come out.  You don’t mess with Jeffy.”
“I spent years developing and getting my way out of  anorexia,” Jeffy added.
Glenn was also impressed by Martina McBride’s performacne of the National Anthem.
Glenn also met some of the drivers, but didn’t know their names. Stu said, “You don’t know sports at all, in any aspect, let alone Nascar.”
And Glenn’s overall assesment of the crowd? “ I have to tell you, I have not been around 200, 000 people that nice since 8/28.”

Anarchists & Marxist party like its 1999 in Madison Wisconsin

I just copied the whole thing as its got a good 3 or 4 posts worth of material (If by chance anyone recognizes my genius in the future and this blog is actually ever read GO SUBSCRIBE TO GLENN BECKS FREE EMAIL NEWSLETTER YESTERDAY).

February 21, 2011
On Today's Program

Glenn went to NASCAR

Glenn continues to add celebrities to the long list of people he has no business meeting. First Albert Pujols, then U2's Bono, and now Black Eyed Pea's Fergie and Transformersdirector Michael Bay. That's right, when Glenn took a trip down to the Daytona 500 he got to meet a whole bunch of stars and Hollywood types. Listen to the story of his first NASCAR experience HERE.

S.E. and Glenn talk Daytona 500

S.E. Cupp promised to help get Glenn some NASCAR tickets when she first debuted her new show, and she certainly followed through. Now Glenn's talking to her about how to make it an even bigger trip next year. What did S.E. think? Check out the interview from radio this morning.

Libyan Leader auditioning for role in Lion King 2: Safari Boogaloo?

When someone simply bears an uncanny resemblance to a famous Disney villain, you can't help but wonder if they're up to no good! Check out which Lion King bad guy Libya's Muammar al-Gaddafi may be related to HERE.
Breaking: Glenn won't eat sticks on President's Day

Another day, another broken promise by Glenn when it comes to his diet. All last week Glenn scarfed down McGriddles, milkshakes, and cheeseburgers - all the while claiming that he would be starting his Don-Imus-hippie-sticks diet. But this morning Glenn was still eating McGriddles and drinking Coke Zero! His excuse? "It's President's Day!" Stu didn't seem to buy the fact that Glenn celebrates his presidential favorites like Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson by eating fast food. See Glenn try and maneuver his way out of this one on radio this morning. WATCH

President's Day Sale

Glenn's merchandise manager LJ was pretty upset about having to come in on a holiday to work for Glenn. As part of his elaborate revenge scheme - or because he's just really, really bad at business deals - he's marked down all kinds of good stuff in the Glenn Beck store. T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball hats and more have been dramatically marked down. LJ may fundamentally misunderstand the economics of inflation, but at the end of the day (literally, this sale ends at midnight) our listeners are the winners! Click HERE for more info!
Why Republicans Should Be Worried

A wealthy U.S. citizen, who's neither a Republican nor Democrat, recently issued a major warning about a huge event in 2011 which could affect every American. If you have any political ties, or concerns about the future of our nation, I encourage you to read this warning right away.

Watch this free video presentation HERE.
Anarchists, Socialists, and Marxists party in Wisconsin

Over the weekend, union members continued to protest an emergency bill in Wisconsin that would help pull the state out of financial turmoil but restrict collective bargaining. Well, union leaders didn't like that and the protestors were soon joined by Marxists, socialists, and even some anarchists. While Glenn may not have a problem with your average union worker, he does have a problem with some of the people with whom the unions are aligned. He even played some shocking video which showed the radical leftists having a substance-fueled party in the rotunda of the Capitol where the protests have been taking place. Get Glenn’s reaction on radio today.

Czar-At-Large: The Middle East is unraveling. The Muslim Brotherhood is looming, and the possibility of a caliphate is on the horizon. But is Czar-at-Large Brian Sack scared? Not at all! Or, maybe a little. Catch this week's brand new Czar-at-Large episode for Brian’s take on events of the week. WATCH

TV Tonight: What's the difference between a Democracy and a Republic? As unrest spreads from Egypt to Bahrain, Libya and union protests in Wisconsin, Glenn will explain the difference between a Democracy and a Republic. Why doesn't America operate under "mob rule"? Tune in tonight at 5 pm on The Fox News Channel.