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Saturday, July 26, 2014

A real interesting 2012 piece on the death of ESPN's journalism

The Absence Of America

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Always use critical thinking folks. My lesson from

Read this when you have perhaps 5 minutes to apply some (hopefully already honed and realized) critical thinking.

For the Love of God I hope you dont see life this way

This is the exact type of thing that folks 200 years from now will scream WTF

Exchange You Can Believe In -- Marc Steyn

The Exchange you can believe in is the damn death nail that keeps on killing.

Sorry but HOLY CRAP...I love the military

Another happy moment to highlight damn beautiful Americans being beautiful Americans instead of the easy to always bring up garbage.

A National Concealed Carry Permit. My God I love it.

This should have been done 80 years ago....worst case can't us wonderful folks in the South and come up with a Southern Concealed Weapons permit...surely we could get that done...never forget we all cling to our religion and our guns...AND if you have a wife and children you probably lean to the gun part first depending on the situation.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

(An American w/2 Common Sense IQ points sees this obvious 2014 reality) Obama aides were warned of brewing border crisis

'via Blog this'

If you are taking Nuns to the Supreme Court you might wanna look in the mirror

Ya think? Sadly in other administrations even for this damn garbage media...something like this would be huge news but this is literally just another day that ends in Y with this fine PrezBO administration. It won't make their top 500

(THIS is as good as anything I've chronicled for our family here) As long as your Liberal any sin can be overlooked. ESPECIALLY leaving a woman behind to die

For future France folks if you haven't been privy to this information in your studies go follow up immediately and branch out with that fine France critical thinking and see where it takes you.

Creating Oneness Through Progressive Comedy

This shit is painful. That is all I have and it fits exceedingly well.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Restaurant Proves The Sheeple Are Getting Dumber & Dumber

Uh Oh. The RGI..Racial Grievance Industry is mad at gay whites

If this happens to be a future member of the France family for the first I say from time to time---I hope to God above you see RGI --Racial Grievance Industry-- and are totally clueless...because in 2014 the Racial Grievance Industry along with CAIR for the Muzzies are about evil to Freedom & Liberty in American as anything in the past 100 years and it is right in your damn face for the most part.