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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ryan-Rubio or hell I'm not picky; Rubio-Ryan

I am not too much in love with Bill Kristol this last few months but he is onto something here, period.

AMAZING MUST READ: The FED printed 16 TRILLION for people around the world during the financial crisis

First the link and then under it I am going ahead and copying and pasting just to be safe because this is just yet another time I am left picking my damn jaw up off the floor.

Dear Patriots,

With America's attention fixated on what's happening in Washington concerning the debt crisis, I wanted to make sure you knew that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released the results of its one-time, limited audit of the Federal Reserve System.

The revelations are sickening – so-called "money" tossed around like confetti to banksters, foreign banks, and favored corporations.

Before I go into detail about their findings, let me first thank you for all your efforts in support of a thorough audit of our nation's central bank.  This isn't the full audit Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty continue to push, but it is a first peek behind Ben Bernanke's curtain of secrecy. 

This audit only happened because of our historic grassroots Audit the Fed movement.

Of course, Audit the Fed was always about achieving a complete, thorough audit.  Audit the Fed was stymied at the last minute in the Senate last year, but the limited, one-time audit our efforts guaranteed has revealed a number of reasons for why we must not give up on a full audit.

Sixteen Trillion reasons, actually.

We have now learned that the Federal Reserve lent $16 trillion to both domestic and overseas financial institutions during the height of the financial crisis!

Let me rephrase that while the number sinks in - $16,000,000,000,000.

In less than three years.

From Dec. 1, 2007 – July 21, 2010, the Federal Reserve "created reserves in the banking system" (Bernanke slang for printing money) that exceeded not only the entire U.S. GDP for a year, but also the entire U.S. national debt that's accumulated over the past 224 years!

More than $3 trillion dollars were lent to overseas financial institutions in numerous countries, including in the U.K., Germany, and France.

In addition, we learned just how much the big banks who contributed heavily to the crisis were rewarded - including nearly $8 trillion to banks like Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Merill Lynch, and Bank of America.

In February 2009, Campaign for Liberty made Audit the Fed our top legislative priority for the 111th Congress.

At the time, most Americans didn't even know what the Federal Reserve was.

But thanks to an unprecedented level of grassroots pressure generated by C4L members like you across the country, we were able to pry open just a portion of the Fed's books for the first time in history!

And we gained the support of over 70% of the American people for Audit the Fed.

Now, the case has never been clearer for why a complete audit is needed, and our resolve to achieve our goal has never been stronger.

That's why Campaign for Liberty is planning to turn on the pressure for Audit the Fed like never before.

We will especially focus our efforts on the U.S. Senate, where only 7 legislators have cosponsored Senator Rand Paul's S. 202.

But to carry out this program, and alert millions of more Americans to our fight, we need your help.

First, if you haven't yet done so, please sign the petition at right away.  Then, please send it to your family and friends so they can learn more about this key issue.

Second, while your representative and senators are back home on their August recess, schedule a meeting or stop in at a town hall and make sure to urge them respectfully to cosponsor the Audit the Fed bills, H.R. 459 and S. 202, if they have not already cosponsored.

If they have signed on, urge them to do everything in their power to achieve a standalone, up or down roll call vote in their chamber of Congress.

Third, I hope you can chip in $10 or $20 to help C4L increase the support for Audit the Fed even further and see it turned into law.

We're up against one of the most secretive, powerful institutions in Washington, which can create money out of thin air to finance its operations.  Ben Bernanke, Barack Obama, and their bankster allies seem determined to never again let Americans know what the Fed does.

Well, it's up to you and me to blow a hole in their secret projects and let loose the outrage of Americans feeling the pinch of out-of-control spending, skyrocketing gas prices, and an economy stuck in failure. 

C4L can only take as much action as your continued support allows, and we thank you for all you have helped us accomplish so far.

This limited, one-time glimpse into the Fed's activities was only possible because of your tireless efforts.

Now is the time to double down on the pressure.

Campaign for Liberty will continue to use our nationwide grassroots network to educate millions of Americans about sound money and the need for transparency at our nation's secretive central bank.

With your continued assistance, we will generate millions of petitions and phone calls to Congress pushing for the passage of Audit the Fed (officially "The Federal Reserve Transparency Act" in Congress), H.R. 459 and S. 202.

In Liberty,

Timothy Shoemaker
Director of Legislation

P.S. Now that we know that the Fed tossed around over $16 trillion in less than three years to favored banksters, insiders, and foreign institutions, it's time to double down on the pressure for a complete audit of our central bank.

In addition to signing the petition at, I hope you will stop by your elected officials' local offices during their August recess to urge them to do all in their power to pass Audit the Fed.

And if you're able to at this time, please chip in $10 or $20 so we can recruit more Americans to this fight for our economic future.

(Marco Rubio vs John Kerry) Compromise without solutions are a waste of time

I love this kid. He is so far beyond impressive I am often left lacking the verbiage to even attempt a reasonable description. ENJOY (this one is going in my personal vault)

10-yr-old Lily Anderson sings national anthem | Video |

This is beautiful and it was at Braves stadium and the little girl has been battling cancer for 2 years now to boot.

Friday, July 29, 2011

MAYBE just maybe even better than Cut, Cap, and Balance. The Connie Mack DREAM BILL

This is pretty fresh to all of us true conservatives but likely over time it will be forgotten and since this blog is, in all honesty, a small little timeline for myself to always have handy and the #1 reason = NO MATTER what happens in future years my grand kids (I have none now of course) will always have a really good historical record of where pawpaw's mind was and the current events etc.

That is where it's at folks.
I am gonna try and put the actual opening words of Mr. Mack as well as the link below it where you can get the entire bill if you want.

MAY 20 2011

The "One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2011"

A Path to Balancing the Federal Budget
The Mack “One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2011” (H.R. 1848) will achieve a balanced federal budget, beginning in 2019, by bringing federal spending down to average federal revenue over the past 30 years, which is 18% of gross domestic product (GDP).
One Percent Spending Reduction per Year:  The Mack One Percent bill cuts total spending – mandatory and discretionary – by one percent each year for six consecutive fiscal years, beginning in fiscal year 2012.
  • FY 2012 – $3.382 trillion*, less one percent => $3.348 trillion cap
  • FY 2013 – $3.348 trillion, less one percent => $3.315 trillion cap
  • FY 2014 – $3.315 trillion, less one percent => $3.282 trillion cap
  • FY 2015 – $3.282 trillion, less one percent => $3.249 trillion cap
  • FY 2016 – $3.249 trillion, less one percent => $3.216 trillion cap
  • FY 2017 – $3.216 trillion, less one percent => $3.184 trillion cap
Overall Spending Cap in FY 2018:  The bill sets an overall spending cap of 18 percent of GDP beginning in fiscal year 2018.
Enforcement of Spending Cuts:  The one percent spending cuts would be achieved one of two ways: either 1) Congress and the President work together to enact program reforms and cut federal spending by one percent each year; or 2) If Congress and the President fail to do so, the bill triggers automatic, across-the-board spending cuts to ensure the one percent reduction is realized.
 *Congressional Budget Office March 2011 Baseline for Total Outlays minus Net Interest
Presently the Mack Penny plan enjoys the support of over 40 co-sponsors in the U.S House. Click here to view the full list of co-sponsors.
Click here for more information on "The One Percent Spending Reduction Act"

(GR8 perspective from Erick Erickson) A note to you disenchanted tea party activists

Also consider how accepted it is now (not just this past month but remember this goes all the way back into the end of last year and plenty of times throughout spring and summer) to discuss the wonkish parts of budgets, our debt, baseline budgets, etc. I very distinctly remember Rush thanking the tea party early maybe December 2010...he talked about how in the past he would have had station managers calling, bosses yanking him off a program etc. It has simply never been something considered worthwhile to the American masses even if it did happen to be something the host wanted to discuss and in some instances had the personal knowledge to speak well about it....I.E. UNTIL THE TEA PARTY IT WAS TABOO TO EVEN TALK ABOUT THINGS LIKE THE DEBT CEILING IN GREAT DETAIL.

Wall Street Journal Exposes Federal Overcriminalization

This is truly the most amazing (in a BAD WAY) thing I have seen in months...if not longer.

I Won in an Historic Landslide and All I Got Was This Lousy Rounding Error

Great piece in the American Thinker by a young up and comer (according to one of my heroes Mark Levin) --> Joseph Ashby.

Articles: I Won in an Historic Landslide and All I Got Was This Lousy Rounding Error: "I Won in an Historic Landslide and All I Got Was This Lousy Rounding Error"

Calls for Shariah Law at Egyption Protest | Video |

The Egyptian government change/protest/riots/etc. happened how long ago?
And you see they have progressed so so far in their hopes of Democracy and that Arab Spring right?
It was freakin' inevitable and only (as often happens) Glenn Beck could see or would see it from LITERALLY DAY 1.

Michigan Marijuana Dispensary Offered Patients Free Pot if They Registered to Vote | Video |

About the only thing that surprises me here is that it wasn't California.

The Latest Job Killer From the EPA - EPA - Fox Nation

I believe this is the evolution of the aforementioned EPA regs coming that are gonna destroy the coal fired power plants (NOTE - a couple months ago several large energy firms announced closure of multiple plants etc. just to even out the extra fines, penalties, etc.)

Rush to Conservatives: I’m damn proud of you | The Right Scoop

Rush is at his best is a little Levin meets Beck by the man, the myth, the legend himself!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The first conservatives: The constitutional challenge to progressivism |

Really good stuff here.

White House's Carney on President's Debt Ceiling Plan: 'You Need it Written Down?' | The Weekly Standard

Priceless as you will maybe ever see by a White House Press Secretary

Soros to Stop Managing Money for Outside Investors -

FILE THIS under one of my faves.....You can't make this stuff up....and a sub-heading of MOVE ALONG, NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

An Open Letter to the GOP - Fred Thompson - National Review Online

Pretty Interesting IMO.

Boehner's proposed spending cut for 2012 might be deal-breaker - The Hill's On The Money

Boehner's proposed spending cut for 2012 might be deal-breaker - The Hill's On The Money

Friday, July 15, 2011

Call his bluff - When Krauthammer is Right he is GOLD

Great article here! Now let us see how it all finally plays out!

Shame on the Politically Motivated McConnell Plan to Hike Borrowing With No Spending CutsThe Foundry:The Heritage Foundation (David Addington)

As usual Mr. Addington is all over this. He is echoing most of my sentiments from the initial stunned disbelief as I prayed I misheard the suggestion of the MConnell plan...and of course he has also managed to throw a few points in there I hadn't pondered!


Well Ranaldus Magnus (thx as always Rush, lol) must surely be rolling over in his hallowed grave today. I still can't believe this jewel. How in God's great name can even the DC Spin Machine go down this damn ridiculous road?

(We have our pudding of proof now) The Real 'Under the Radar' Target of Operation Fast and Furious

I didn't take Rush or Glenn to figure this one out.
I was on this before I even heard them draw the obvious end around game taking place (never mind there have been many people die and at the very least millions of $'s wasted simply to FURTHER restrict our Constitution 2nd Amendment Right to Bare Arms). Well good ol' common sense has now been coupled with a smoking gun so to speak...technically a smoking email.
Sad thing is as we won't gain any traction whatsoever. Is there is any doubt whatsoever that Watergate could never take place with the liberal media the way it currently is? (OBVIOUSLY ONLY if say a George W. Bush were in office.)

The McConnell “deal” sells out conservative principles | RedState

As is well said in this blog.... HOLD THE FREAKIN' LINE.
How did we go from Mr. DeMint's pledge/proposal to a joint McConnell/Reid/Pelosi Cut, Run, & Hide proposal?
Simply amazing yet again.
The Republicans simply must do better. Period.

55% Oppose Tax Hike In Debt Ceiling Deal - Rasmussen Reports™

God above, oh Lord, I do grow weary of all these polls.
If we had a penny for every damn poll we would have a balanced budget I do believe.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

GOD I JUST love when the Congress legislates Winners & Losers

AND WE ALL KNOW that we are always the damn losers.
I am so ready for a flat or a fair tax...sad part is we all know that if we ever got one....we could almost turn the damn Congress in DC into what Texas does...... I.E. RARELY MEET!! (This is a PDF you can download. VERY VERY GOOD stuff)

GOP's Herman Cain to Steve Gill: I’m a problem solver | The Tennessean |

Really good piece in the Tennessean today!
I love that the HERMANATOR is in my neck of the woods now! It isn't East TN but I will take middle TN for a start baby!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Obama Pal and Terrorist Dohrn Linked to Mexican Killer Case

I am trying my best to not be cynical but seriously can't we get some new bad buys for Christ' sake? It is the same cast of liberty & freedom hating characters every damn time............

Neal Boortz: Anthony verdict a lesson in liberty

Well said as always Neal. This was as good a true statement of the USA as well as the reality of this trial in our country and it's history as I have seen anywhere!

Tax Burden Is Rising to Highest Level in HistoryThe Foundry: Conservative Policy News Blog from The Heritage Foundation

This information is scary enough but my biggest issue is I am not hearing anything like this from the Beltway Conservative Gurus or for that matter the Conservative Bloggers, Fox News Contributors etc.

This message simply has to be put out there because I am hearing plenty from the left wing ideologues about how the rich are paying the lowest taxes in the last 50 years...... SO DAMMMIT WHICH IS IT? MAKE THE CASE!!

“Because I am an American. And I Can”

Enuf Said!

The Elmendorf Rule - The Washington Post

Sometimes I could choke him and sometimes I love him...with that being said this is a pure indictment of the Clown-in-Chief & his Regime. Thank you Mr. Krauthammer

Friday, July 8, 2011

University of Texas partners with Soros and NPR

First off....sorry but there is only 1 UT here in Tennessee...but onto the relevant issues with this jewel; can't we just deport this guy from our world LOL?
I mean it is literally never ending...much like me waiting on the damn liberals to hit the bottom rung on the class warfare ladder; and it simply never ever ever ever ever ever damn comes.

» Eric Holder Feigns Ignorance of Operation ‘Fast and Furious’ Now, But He Bragged of Overseeing Its Implementation in 2009 - Big Government

OK, smoking gun? unless I am missing something.

The Government and Sippy Cups - Sippy Cups - Fox Nation

The nanny state will never end.
If we could get all this collective brain power to either DO NOTHING or perhaps focus on all the ridiculous piles of regulations and uncertainty in this country....well I would take a sippy cup full of that!

Possibly Drunk Rutgers Economist Susan Feinberg Whines To Susan Crabtree Who Is Hard Up For A Story | RedState

Gimme an EFn break folks.
Seriously. This damn class warfare thing will never know the damn bottom of the barrel obviously!!

West calls for Eric Holder's removal

Why am I not surprised this most honorable man would do such a thing. I would be willing to be on my family's soul if he were overseeing such an operation and it happened on his watch he would already be back home in Florida. Again, though we are talking about an American Patriot & Stateman AND NOT A REGIME THUG like Holder.

Common Sense Gun Control Talks Begin says Obama | Voting American

Everybody has to see the picture when you open up this article.
Pure genius!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

School Board Member Caught in Fish Investigation - Live, Local, Late Breaking news, weather, and sports

GOOOOOOOOD to see our fine DOB has their priorities in order don't you think?

(I probably wouldn't show the young folks this 1) USA Today Dirty Graphic | Sun Handjob | USA Today Handjob | Mediaite

As long as this is just us fine grown folks...... (to my grandchildren in the future.......DO NOT CLICK PLEASE) enjoy this stupidity and keep in mind I think the USA Today has either the #1 or #2 current distribution of any US newspapers not totally bankrupt and history.

New Tone… Top Democrat Indicted For St. Louis BOMBING (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

More of that fine new civility!
AND maybe just maybe another brick in the wall of what Rush likes to talk about...........LIBERALS are the most miserable, sad, unhappy, pissed off to no end REGARDLESS of their personal situations....bunch of people on planet earth!

(Classic Parody here) The Audacity of Dopes Band brings you “Guns, Guns, Guns!” New Zeal Blog » The Audacity of Dopes Band brings you “Guns, Guns, Guns!”

Rick Santelli Unleashes Another Tea Party Battle Cry! - Rick Santelli - Fox Nation

The ol' helper in creation of the Tea Party Movement.
This got my adrenaline going....I can't lie.

Child Porn Found on Assistant US Attorney's Computer (& Justice Dept does nothing)

Well i will leave this to the story itself. I don't believe additional commentary is necessary.


I remember hearing about this a couple times but somehow until today this is the first time I ever heard it....and its only 75 seconds long to boot.....

The CIA Put A Ton Of Cash Into A Software Firm That Monitors Your Online Activity

Cue my standard (and friggin correct BTW) response:


A call to end a corporate welfare agency | Timothy P. Carney | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

This (IMO) is a critical and short article from Mr. TP Carney. This is especially short, sweet, and to the point if you are trying to win a debate with a liberal or independent or for that matter looking for teaching aids or young people.

Add this to the 14 minutes Mark Levin spent on the millions of people it takes to make a simple pencil from the other day and you have yourself a budding conservative (leaning libertarian LOL) I do believe.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rick Santorum's New Presidential Ad --- GOOOOOOD STUFF

I couldn't & wouldn't lie about this so I will say I do like Mr. Cain's ad better but this is blog worthy to say the least and I respect Mr. Santorum more than I care to attempt! Great Man!

Matthew Freud - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Let us just remember this guy! That is all I am saying!

Matthew Freud

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Matthew Freud (born 2 November 1963) is head of Freud Communications, an international public relations firm in the United Kingdom.




Freud is the son of June Flewett and the late writer Sir Clement Freud, his sister is television interviewer Emma Freud. His great-grandfather is Sigmund Freud and he is doubly related to the 'father' of public relations, Edward Bernays, whose father was Sigmund Freud's brother-in-law (the brother of Sigmund Freud's wife) and whose mother was Sigmund Freud's sister. He is the nephew of artist Lucian Freud and (by former marriage) of the late writer Lady Caroline Blackwood, and his cousins include fashion designer Bella Freud, novelists Susie Boyt andEsther Freud.

He was educated at Westminster School and left in his third year and briefly attended Pimlico Comprehensive.


Freud Communications is currently the eighth largest public relations company in the UK, with around 150 employees. Landmark campaigns include the London 2012 Olympics, Product (RED), Nike, Pepsi, The Opening of Atlantis The Palm and UNHCR's Gimme Shelter.[1] Adam Curtis in his documentary Century of the Self describes Matthew Freud as a star in the "new culture of public relations and marketing in politics, business and journalism" which rose in the Clinton-Blair years.[2] PRWeek says that Freud is "the most influential PR professional in the UK".[3]

Matthew Freud, along with his sister Emma Freud and brother-in-law Richard Curtis, sit on the board of Trustees for Comic Relief, which is aired every second year on the BBC as a nationwide charity event.[4]

In May 2005, in partnership with Piers Morgan, he acquired ownership of the Press Gazette, a media trade publication, and its 'cash cow' the British Press Awards, in a deal worth £1million.[5][6] Many major newspapers have boycotted the event citing an apparent conflict of interest as one of the reasons.[7][8] In addition to owning a publication, Freud is married to Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert Murdoch.

Matthew Freud Associates first nationwide campaign was in 1989 for JIFFI deLuxe Condoms founded by Michael Conitzer in 1986. Matthew was responsible for some of the most memorable JIFFI Pr campaigns which finally resulted in JIFFI being sold to the giant Maylaysian listed conglomerate, Sime Darby Plc in 1990.

[edit]Personal life

Freud's first wife was Caroline Hutton with whom he had two sons: George Rupert Freud and Jonah Henry Freud. Caroline subsequently married the 9th Earl Spencer on 15 December 2001, he being the brother of the deceased Diana, Princess of Wales.

His second wife is Elisabeth Murdoch, second daughter of media magnate Rupert Murdoch head of News Corporation. When the couple began dating (while working as colleagues), she was pregnant with a second child by her first husband and business partner, Elkin Pianim (the son of Ghanaian financial and political mogul, Kwame Pianim). The couple married in August 2001 at Blenheim Palace.[9] They have two children, Charlotte Emma Freud, born in 2000, and Samson Murdoch Freud, born in 2007.[citation needed]

He has a friendship with several members of the Conservative party including George Osborne and David Cameron. He was infamously at a meal, attended by Osborne and Peter Mandelson, where it was alleged Osborne attempted to solicit a donation for the Conservatives from Oleg Deripaska, the Russian billionaire. Freud has also invited Cameron to many events and is part of the so-called 'Notting Hill set' of influential Conservative-linked figures.


[edit]See also

(BIG TIME Freud/Bernays/Murdoch Watergate here) What the papers won’t say | The Spectator

On my beautiful wife and daughter's souls my very serious intrigue in this story isn't based on my close following of Glenn Beck.
That being said of course I have learned an immense amount of information from him on Freud & Bernays BUT I also was already aware of alot of that information before he even hit CNN let alone FOX so I stand by my first paragraph.

I do love the correlation between Murdoch and Mr. Freud because I will leave it at that makes so much sense it will probably literally/truly keep me up late tonight contemplating.

Rush Limbaugh On Casey Anthony Verdict | Abortion | RealClearPolitics

BEAUTIFUL point made by El-Rush-BO!

HOW MUCH Broadband Access Truly was Saved or Created? How Much is that Broadband Stimulus Per Unserved Household?

Ray Charles I honestly think could LITERALLY see how pathetic and damn typical for these current times this actually is.
It is nothing more DAMMIT than that same theory used from great defense lawyers to the damn MTV "generation" creators & producers..... Desensitize everyone to every damn simply ridiculous thing by overloading the system and simply repeating so they see it again and again and again so eventually your only true outcry is WHAT A SHOCK, ho hum, here we go again etc........

Fast and Furious update: Ken Melson’s secret testimony. | RedState

This is absolutely huge beyond words if anything resembling the reality you and I face on a daily basis is actually allowed to come to a fruition!
I am not holding my breath considering the MSM will do anything to protect the current Regime but it will get harder and harder with each passing REALITY to cover this total incestuous event up IMO.

SHOW THIS TO THE WORLD: Mark Levin showing the classic How a Pencil embodies Capitalism

Thx to the late great Leonard Reed!
God bless this man and the deep and honest thought that came into this beautiful diatribe that still lives today.

(AGENDA 21 ALERT) How Marxofascism is Being Systematically Implemented in American Neighborhoods

I am doing my best to keep researching this on all levels.
It is definite Glenn Beck worthy material I can assure you of that.
Hell, I tweeted Glenn & Stu & Joe before they ever did a show on it or that matter.

Obama Violated ACORN Funding Ban With Housing Grant to Offshoot, Watchdog Says -

Well color me stunned.
Interesting but hell I wouldn't rank this in the top 20 of the garbage this entire administration has perpetrated on the American people....but ala Dennis Miller...that's just my opinion I could be wrong.

Freshman Senate Republicans going....Rogue? - Patriot Action Network

So far these are definitely 3 of my hopes for America.
Throw Mr. West in that group of course (not a Senator obviously so that is the single difference)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ronald Reagan: What July Fourth Means to Me - Big Government

» Ronald Reagan: What July Fourth Means to Me - Big Government

July 4th 2011 Obama Eye Chart Test (Cartoon)

I am still rolling over this one.
Best I have seen in many many days.

Iran Ridicules July 4th: America is Not Independent - A7 Exclusive Features - Israel News - Israel National News

Iran Ridicules July 4th: America is Not Independent - A7 Exclusive Features - Israel News - Israel National News

If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he would offer this analysis on this current government

Via Mr. Allen West's facebook pace. Very worthwhile read.

Here is the link and below is an actual copy just in case.

If Thomas Jefferson were alive today...(West's Weekly Wrap-Up)

by Congressman Allen West on Monday, July 4, 2011 at 5:57am
Dear Patriot,
Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and to all Americans. It is once again time for our weekly update.

During this time period I have done some extensive traveling. I returned from a 72-hour visit to Doha Qatar (Combined Air Operations Center) and Afghanistan this past Tuesday evening, 26 June. I can humbly state that in my first six months of being in Congress, I have spent more time in Afghanistan than our Commander-In-Chief in his first three years. 

We released our Afghanistan summary report which you can find on my website,, under "press releases". Feel free to review and share with others. Ours was the first CODEL (Congressional Delegation) visit after the President’s speech on Afghanistan troop reductions.

As I sit here typing this missive, I am pondering the 235th birthday of the longest running Constitutional Republic the world has ever known; the United States of America. I went back and re-read the Declaration of Independence, which was written 235 years ago by a young Thomas Jefferson.  What many perhaps do not realize, is that the Declaration of Independence not only set forth a new ideal for government and challenged the status quo of aristocratic and sometimes autocratic monarchies, it contained a list of grievances justifying why, “in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another... that they should declare the causes which impel them to the Separation.”

Here are examples of some of these grievances from the Declaration of Independence:

“He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing Importance, unless suspended in their Operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.”

“He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers to harass our People and eat out their Substance.”

“For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments.”

“For imposing Taxes upon us without our Consent.”

Now, I just started to consider, what if Thomas Jefferson were sitting with me right now this weekend and assessed what our Constitutional Republic has become under this Obama administration. What would he outline as the potential “grievances” as he did 235 years ago? 

Since Mr. Jefferson cannot use Microsoft Word, he dictated these grievances to me:

He has enacted a fiscal disaster called the stimulus package of some $900B which increased the national debt and did not keep unemployment in America under 8%. It resulted in a reported unemployment topping at 9.8%. For the black community, which supported him by overwhelming numbers, an unemployment rate between 14-16%.

He has proposed raising taxes during a weak economic recovery which would adversely affect long term sustainable growth. He has proceeded to seek increase of capital gains, dividends, and estate taxes. He has not considered reducing the corporate/business tax rate of 35% in order to incentivize private sector growth. He has promoted a widening chasm and divisiveness in America due to his incessant class warfare rhetoric.

He has nationalized several aspects of free market production in the automotive, financial, and healthcare industries in violation of the principles of capitalism and free enterprise.

He has signed into law a healthcare vision which creates 11 new taxes (one of these taxes to be a tanning tax), 16,000 new IRS agents, $500B in cuts to the MEDICARE program, 159 new government agencies and bureaucracies (to include a 15 member panel of bureaucrats which shall regulate the expenditures of MEDICARE), mandated individual American citizens to purchase a private sector commodity (which is not supported by the Commerce Clause), and has provided nearly 1400 exemptions to political cronies from adhering to the law he signed.

He has increased the federal debt by some $5T since taking office and due to historic levels of excessive spending, created record deficits of $1.42T, $1.29T, and $1.65T in just three years. He has seen 41 cents of every dollar being borrowed and 47% of the federal debt owned by foreign nations.

His proposed FY 2012 budget was voted down in the Unites States Senate, 0-97.

He has expanded a “dependency” class in America reflected in a 41% increase in food stamp recipients.

He has failed to produce a full spectrum energy independence resource development program while seeing average gas prices during his tenure go from $1.89 to a high water mark of approximately $3.81. He has inappropriately commanded the release of strategic oil reserves and provided the country of Brazil $2B for its offshore oil exploration.

He has created a shadow government of some 35+ individuals termed “Czars” who are not confirmed by the United States Senate and respond only to him, yet have overarching regulatory powers- a clear violation of our separation of powers concept.

He has increased the regulatory burden on American business through bypassing the legislative process with his executive branch agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration.

He has supported an inept and incompetent Attorney General who has failed to prosecute voter intimidation cases (New Black Panther party), initiated a dangerous gun-smuggling program (Operation Fast and Furious) - which resulted in deaths to our own law enforcement agents, and refused to uphold a law, DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).

He has failed to take the steps necessary to secure our borders and stem the flow of illegal immigration, termed as “repel invasions” in our United States Constitution in Article 1, Section 8 and Article 4, Section 4; and brought a federal lawsuit against a sovereign state seeking to protect its citizens from this threat.

He has violated the War Powers Act of 1973 and sought to redefine the term “hostilities” to suit his liking.

He has telegraphed troop reductions to our enemies- against the consult of his experienced Field Commanders, while embracing negotiations with our enemy, the Taliban, and recognizing another, the Muslim Brotherhood.

He has placed the security of our most trusted ally in the Middle East, Israel, in danger while increasing funding to the Palestinian Authority (Fatah, just another Islamic terrorist group) whilst they have enjoined a reconciliation pact with long- standing terrorist group, Hamas.

In conclusion, Thomas Jefferson simply stated that, in his humble assessment, the unalienable rights endowed to us by our Creator; life, liberty, and the pursuit (not guarantee) of happiness-  are being threatened. He offered his analysis that this current government, the Obama administration, as instituted by the American people, has abridged the consent of the governed and that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it.

So the 235th anniversary celebration of American Independence message to President Barack Hussein Obama, and his liberal progressive cronies, is simple:  "You must go!"

Legislative Update: The House was not in session, therefore, no legislative update.

Highlights of the Week: Besides visiting with our men and women in Afghanistan, I attended the First Baptist Church of Ft. Lauderdale 4th of July celebration services. I was reunited with my former driver in Iraq, SGT Robert Delgado and we discussed the meaning of sacrifice. I participated in several Independence Day celebrations in South Florida, but most important was the “Wade-In” 50- year anniversary on Ft. Lauderdale Beach, reflecting on a period in our community's history when Edna Johnson and a few others challenged the beach segregation policy.  And here I am, with the honor, 50 years later, of being the Congressional Representative of Ft. Lauderdale beach.  America is exceptional!

Steadfast and Loyal,