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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Undefeated & Unscored upon. The Laffer Curve working around the world.

I am apparently getting sadly lazy, especially during this God awful time in the economy when my beautiful and wonderful wife is carrying the family financially to tell the damn truth, because as i had the thought to add to this blog it dawned on my I have simply been cutting and pasting far too often lately. LET ME SAY THIS FOR A MATTER OF FAMILY RECORD. The biggest reason for this is this AWFUL Blogger App that I am using on my Droid phone. Happily I can actually say that with a straight face and have a 0 percentage of looking the mirror.
OK, enough of my therapy session.
The damn Laffer Curve only does not work AT WORST on its basic level if you are a Communist, Marxist, or Socialist. It is just a bit heartening to hear it and see it even in Marxist Utopia 2013 America (note all the stories in this example are VERY FAR in distance from said Representative Republic A.K.A. America)

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